It’s Hard Finding A Job

It’s hard to get a job…

This is part of an email I received from someone (let’s call her Claire) during the week and I felt that perhaps you might be in a similar situation so decided to offer a helping hand.  Even if your circumstances aren’t exactly the same, if life is not as you want, then I’m sure this will help you too.

This is what Claire wrote …

“… it’s so hard finding a job, and I’ve noticed that more and more people are after the same job, so they (employers) can afford to pick and choose.  I suppose age is against me, as I’m not getting any younger”.

There was more, but that’s plenty to look at right now.  So let’s break it into small sections.

Your beliefs are creating your life.

Yes, Claire knows her thoughts are creating her life, but she didn’t realise that every thought, every time is creating something in your life.
Claire did not realise the power of her words that she had written and that they were a true expression of her feelings and beliefs.

Remember that your beliefs are creating your life.  The problem is that we really don’t know what our beliefs are.  But we do – because our life is showing us what we believe and the first sentence is showing us that Claire’s belief is that it’s “hard to finding a job” and so finding work becomes very difficult.

You always get more of what you focus on

The story Claire tells me shows me what she’s focusing on and goes on to say  that “more and more are after the same job”.  There!  Now there’s proof that what she believes is ‘true’.

Everything in our life is ‘true’ because it’s been created by our beliefs and we’ve experienced it – so we now know it’s ‘true’.  Our beliefs are created by repeated thoughts with intense emotions that create the experiences/the truth in our lives.

The second belief.

This belief now is ‘justifying’ why they can’t get a job. Her mind is trying to find a reason why she’s still out of work, despite applying for a lot of jobs.
“I suppose my age is against me as I’m not getting any younger”
Remember, your life is mirroring your beliefs back to you.
But you never too old – and it’s never too late.


Changing your life involves a mind-shift.

The only way you can change a belief is by laying a new belief over the old one.  And you create a new belief with consistent, repeated thoughts with intense emotions.

Claire’s job situation is being perpetuated because money is vital to our lives, so the lack of it is causing anxieties that probably rise to fears at 3am.  And of course, the law of attraction is always doing its job sending her more thoughts and feelings about the same subject – and so ‘no job!’

As you know it’s really difficult to change your thoughts and that’s because your feelings are so intense and over power your thoughts.  This is why I suggest using Bach Flower Remedies to heal and soothe your feelings, making it easier to direct your thoughts where you want go.

With or without the help of Bach Flowers, you begin with very simple affirmations that the Voice in your head won’t argue with too much.


The more entrenched you are in your situation, the simpler your affirmations need to be.  Be simple and general with your affirmations.  Leave being specific until you’re feeling really good.

“All is well”. This is a very powerful saying.  And even if you know all isn’t well, there’s not a lot there to argue with.  Say it now and see how it changes your posture and, even if it’s only a little, it changes how you feel.

“Everything is always working out for me”. 

“I’m the luckiest woman/guy around”.

If you have a brilliant relationship or perhaps a supportive friend that you really appreciate, use that affirmation. Notice how good that feels!

Expanded that affirmation and think about/or talk about your wonderful relationship.
If you don’t have a wonderful relationship, find something in your life that you’re grateful for and start telling yourself how lucky you are to have it in your life.

Regarding ‘aging’ – I would affirm  “I have so much to offer – much more than someone younger than me.  My age has brought me the experiences and the wisdom that my prospective employer is looking for and values”.  

I hope this helps Claire and you too, if you’re in a similar situation.

It really does take a Mind-Shift to turn your thoughts around.  It is the beginning of the answer to creating a happy and successful life. Click here to find out more.

Over to you.

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