5 Tips To Create a Happy and Loving Relationship

I’ll be getting to the 5 tips… but first….

Do you recognise this scenario?

LonelyMary was restless.  She just couldn’t settle to do anything.  She hated Sundays.  Why is it that Sunday’s seem so long and lonely? Mary was lonely all the time, but she managed to push it down during the week – but Sundays were so long and she always felt desperately alone.

Our lives are about relationships but February is about Valentine’s Day and a special, romantic love.  If you’re not in a relationship, then the flurry and fuss that the commercial world make about Valentine’s Day, brings the pain of loneliness right to the top and it bobs around like an agitated cork.

Can the Law of Attraction bring you a loving relationship?
If you’re like Mary and are alone, and you’ve heard about the Law of Attraction and wonder if this is a magical law that can bring you a loving relationship?

We do create our own reality 
Remember we really create our reality – whether we know it or not. Whether we like it or not. We are creating our lives moment by moment.  This amazing law responds to us, and it works on the principle of like attracts like.  So it always delivers similar experiences to us.

Intense emotions are creative
Our thoughts are important, but it’s our emotions that are our creative drive.  We are always creating more of our most intense feeling. How you feel about not having a relationship is creating your life, moment by moment.

So although Mary yearns for a loving relationship, she’s focusing more on what she doesn’t have, instead of focusing on what she does want.   Her feelings of loneliness are so intense that she’s continually creating more lonely Sundays.

If you’re in this situation, here are a few things for you to do to change your feelings.

Here are the 5 tips I promised you at the beginning.

5 Tips to help you create a happy romantic relationship…

Remember that the Law of Attraction can only respond to you and your feelings.

  1. Make a list of the values you’d like in a partner and then start to notice these values in others and then in yourself too. (So you’re beginning to focus on the good things about you).
  2. Be grateful for all the relationships you have now. Relations with friends, colleagues, neighbours, your hairdresser.  Focus on any good-feeling relationship you have and give thanks for it.
  3. Use simple affirmations to begin to change your self-talk.  Things like “All is well”. “Things are always working out for me”.  The Voice in your head will argue with you at first.  But keep on saying it. It will change how you feel – and that’s all you want right now.
  4. Begin to see yourself being confident. Think of the things you do confidently.  Or if you find that difficult, then imagine someone you know who already has the qualities you admire, and then see yourself acting as they do.
  5. Get comfortable with success. Make sure you feel comfortable with having a loving relationship, otherwise the belief you have about love will hold that special relationship away from you.   Start imagining – visualise!

Now it’s Your Turn…

What do you think?
What feelings do you have…
If you’re already in a relationship, what do you want to change and improve you relationship?
Let me know with a quick comment below…

Warm Regards

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Rose Todd

  • Debz says:

    I feel very stuck in my own lonely Sunday cycle so the five steps are great – tangible actions always make it easier to understand the theory. Thanks Rose

    • Rose says:

      Hello Debz. Thank you for leaving a comment. I think more people get stuck in Lonely Sundays than care to admit. Sometimes Sunday afternoon is the hardest! I’m glad you liked the 5 steps. It is easier if you have something you can ‘do’ – especially if doing it makes you feel better while you do it!
      I appreciate your comment. Thank you again. Rose

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