3 Simple Tips To Help You Create Success With The Law Of Attraction.

If you think your dream life seems a long way off and completely out of reach, then you’re not alone!  Visualising your perfect home, perfect relationship, your dream job and the car, and all that you want – is inspiring until you remember “its so far away from who I am today” how can it happen.

It’s so easy to let these thoughts take over. If you do, it’ll leave you feeling discouraged and drained every ounce of motivation.

There are 3 simple tips you must know about the Law of Attraction – and doif you want to live your dream.  I’ve said it before, in different blogs and at different times, but I thought this time, I’m bring them together in one blog, so you really know what has to be done to bring your dream alive.

If you’re ‘wanting’ your goal, you see it as I’m here the goal is over there”.  There’s a huge gap between me and the goal.  (I talk about Minding the Gap in my free e-book on 7 Secrets of Manifestation).

When I want to create something: want to have it come into my life, I have to feel it and experience it Now.
I have to feel that it’s already mine and it’ss on its way to me.

You have to immerse yourself in positive thinking; remember how powerful your mind is and condition yourself for success.  When you work on your mind-set and allow yourself to think – “it’s mine for the taking.  It’s mine nowI can feel it coming to me: I can feel it coming into my life”.

You’re now allowing things to flow to you with ease because you’re at one with what you want – you feel connected to that dream,

Use visualisation to know and feel that what you want is already with you.

If you want a house, a relationship the job, a car or  wonderful holiday, imagine and feel like it’s already there – feel it’s already Yours.  Feel It’s Mine” It was a done deal and now I just have to wait for it to arrive.

Taking ownership puts you in a powerful place.

  1. There’s another part of this – you can’t just sit back and wait for the law of attraction to deliver your perfect life while you lie on the sofa eating chocolate biscuits.

You can’t say “I want to be a millionaire” and don’t do anything about becoming a millionaire.  You can’t just sit there and wait for it to happen to you.  It doesn’t work like that!

You’ve got to condition yourself for success – doing everything to immerse yourself in the feeling that “money ways flowing to me quickly and easily”.

You know all this, but it’s always good to hear it again.

Do whatever it takes, stick post-it notes everywhere: write a journal, listen to audios – do want ever it takes to programme yourself for success. Work with the idea that “everything I want is already mine – and its on its way to me now”.

Go back to your dream. You’ve got to work out how you can be of service to others, And to be of service to others, you have to work hard to become the best version of yourself so you can bring your dream into your life.

So, yes, you do have to work hard, focusing on what you want so you can make sure that the law of attraction brings you what you want.

I know it doesn’t seem logical. We’re talking about sticking pictures on the fridge and post-it-notes everywhere to remind you of your new mind-set. We’re talking about creating your life with your imagination and it seems very airy-fairy and ‘way-out-there’.  But it works!  When your positive, focused mind-set comes together with the practical side of what you’re doing – it’s a very powerful mix – and this is what creates your life.

  1. The third thing I’d like to share about the Law of attraction is (and this is a big part of it) you have to take responsibility for what you’re creating. (I’ve written more on this in a blog).
    If you’re banging your head against a brick wall, saying over and over, I want to be a millionaire or I want my soul mate”  – and it’s so far from true – then its time to realise that something’s not working.  Realise that what you’re projecting with your thoughts and feelings: what you’re putting out there isn’t creating the life you want.
    So why not?  And what do you do about it?

Go back to the beginning and look at Steps 1 and Step two and ask yourself
“Am I really doing these things that I need to do”.
Ask yourself: “ I really the person I need to be in order to create the reality I want?
Do I believe this reality is mine for the taking and its on its way to being mine, right now.  It’s a done deal”.

Taking responsibility for what you’re creating is probably the most powerful step to manifesting what you want.  You cannot change your life until you accept responsibility.

If you believe that you can’t change your life and something horrid happens to you, then you’re going to have to wait for someone else to do something, or circumstances have got to change, before you can be happy.  You have to wait for something outside of you to change before you can be happy.  That doesn’t feel too good, does it?

But if you accept the responsibility of your life, it means that you can begin to change it in an instant!

You can completely transform your life when you accept the responsibility for creating it.

Remember these 3 simple tips will help you bring what you want into your life.

We are all masters creators. We’re all creating our amazing reality on a daily basis.  Are you creating the reality you want – or are you not.

Success is not an accident – we create it on purpose, moment by moment: day by day. Success comes from within. It’s a mind-set.

So, get yourself in the right place and you can make incredible things happen.

Click here if you’d like know more about how the Law of Attraction works and you work with it.

Over to you

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Rose Todd

  • Judith says:

    I loved this as it resonated with me and made such a lot of sense. The simplest things are not always the obvious. This is just magic. Thank you

    • Rose Todd says:

      Hello Judith. Thank you for leaving a comment, and for your kind words.
      I agree, the simplest things are not always obvious – and yet they are often the most effective.
      Best wishes for everry success with creating a wonderful life.
      Warm wishes

    • Rose Todd says:

      Hello Judith. Thank you for your commment. I’m glad you found the blog made sense. It’s always the simple things that work the best.

  • Krishna says:

    Yes yes yes ans yes

    • Rose Todd says:

      I agree Krishna! Its the only way forward. Rose.

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