2018 A Year Of Realization

2017 has been a hard and chaotic year for a lot of us.  But in the chaos, we found the things that are consistently part of our lives; our family and friends, our work and mission (if you have one) have held us steady.

The chaos and heart break of 2017 has now passed so what will this year be about for you?

I’ve decided 2018, for me, is going to be the Year of Realisation – when my dreams become real – So watch this space!!

Could it be the Year of Realisation for you too, when you achieve your goals and your dreams become real?  Perhaps It’s the Year of Faith and Trust for you, of perhaps the Year of Awareness?  Can you find just one word would describe what you’d most like to achieve this year?

Embracing the new

Whatever is your focus this year, it’s going require that you embrace change: embrace the new that comes into your life.

We’re a funny bunch!  We want our lives to change but we don’t want to change.  Even though we want new things, we’re very reluctant to accept new and different things.  We want the people and everything ‘out there’ to change to suit us.  But when our lives do begin to change – we’re reluctant to accept the changes.

Be delighted and surprised when the universe delivers something great to you. Embrace the new with open arms.  Your inner being or our soul sees the much bigger picture and knows the quickest way to get you where you want to go.

You are amazing – just as you are!  You are an extremely powerful creator – look at the complicated life you’ve already created – without even knowing how to do it.   Just imagine what you can create when you know how to do it!

Healing the hurts

It’s all well and good me sitting here tell you to embrace the new, but it’s so difficult to do, because it involves letting go of the past.  You know you’ve got to let go of your hurt and pain: to let go of struggle and problems, but its so difficult.

This isn’t easy because our pain is so intense – and it overwhelms our thoughts.  (This is the reasons its so difficult to change your thoughts).

Well, I have a much easier and quicker way to let go of the past and allow a bright future to flow to you.

You know you create a new life, you must change your thoughts and feelings.  You also know how difficult it is to do – how difficult it is to hold on to positive thoughts.  But as you found out, it’s so difficult to change your thoughts because your feelings are too intense to be put aside.

I have a tool that can heal your emotions: heal your pain: heal your fears, anger and sorrow without you having to do very much about it.  When your negative emotions are no longer so intense, your negative thoughts just disappear!  And you can do this with only a small effort on your part.

Attract the life you want 

You’re always attracting things into your life with every thought and feeling (yes, that’s right – every single thought its creative).  As I’ve said, thoughts are powerful, but our emotions are the real creative power. You are always creating more of what you’re feeling.

Decide what you want and imagine it, and notice how you feel.  You must live in those feelings for more than 55% of the day so your dream can manifest.

And that is the difficult part – which is why I use this amazing tool to heal my feelings (they really do just melt away) and therefore its so much easier to find happy thoughts; conjure up positive feelings when you say your affirmations and add richness to your visualisations.

Live life joyfully –  Year of Realisation

You can live beyond struggle – you can live in joy.
When you’re willing to heal the pain of your past and allay the fears and anxieties of your future. You can embrace the new and live in this moment Now and you can welcome the future with excited anticipation.

A brilliant future awaits you – it really does.  But you’ve got to heal some of your pain first.

If you want to make this year better, in which everway you choose, you must know how the Law of Attraction works, and then do the work.  Then this Year will be your Year of Realization.

Over to you.

You may be interested in the ‘tool’ I’ve mentioned. And you may already know I’m talking about the Bach Flower Remedies.  My purpose is not to sell you a Bach Flower Course (its there is you want it). My purpose is to show you there is a different, and an easier way to guide your thoughts, by healing your feelings first.  If you used just 2 or 3 of the Bach Flower Remedies, you’d notice your life begin to change in only a few days.

Click here to read some of the Bach Flower Blogs. I’ve written about a lot of emotions, from fear and depression to lack of self-confidence and self-belief.  Perhaps you can find one that’ll help you.


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