World Mental Health Day Bach Flowers: Fears and Anxieties

Fears and Anxieties

Today is World Mental Health Day, so I’ve decided to focus this blog on fears and anxieties.
If you, or someone you know, suffers from despair and depression there’s a link at the bottom of the blog that will take you to another blog to help you.

Is there a difference between fear and anxiety?
Yes there is!
We all suffer from anxiety more often than we realise.

I’m going to use an analogy.  Imagine red hot molten lava churning beneath the earth’s surface.  It’s always there, swirling and churning.

Then something happens and the lava changes and becomes a boiling cauldron. It’s spilling and tumbling over the edges of the cauldron as it seeks an outlet.  It’s seeking a weak point in the earth’s surface.

Then with a rumbling, as if the mountain is throwing a tantrum, the molten lava shoots high up into the air and is flung far and near.

The lava beneath the surface is like our anxieties. They’re always there, and to some degree, there always will be, because uncertainty is a major part of life, and some of us deal with uncertainty better than others.

When a crisis strikes and your anxiety becomes so intense that it can’t be contained any more, it explodes into intense fear and panic.

What’s the difference between anxiety and fear?  It’s a matter of the intensity of your feelings.

If you find it confusing to select the best remedy to help you,. these Bach Flower Guides will help you.

Bach Flower Remedy Guides

There are four remedies featured today to help heal anxiety and apprehension and one for what Bach called “urgent fear”.  That’s what we’d call panic.

If none of these remedies below seem to fit your feelings, click her to get free Bach Guides so you can read about the remedies and choose which ones will work for you.

Anxiety remedies

Agrimony – suppressed anxiety

This rarely used – and is needed by so many. It seems as if those in need of Agrimony are ‘wearing a mask’.  You know the sort of people that even when their life is falling apart, always have a smile and say ‘everything’s fine’.
They suffer from great anxiety which they don’t know how to express, so they push their anxiety down and hide behind a happy face.
The tell-tale response of those needing Agrimony is that they’re restless. They need to keep busy: meet friends, go to parties: go shopping, watch junk on the TV – they must do something because if they’re not busy, their anxieties rise – and they can’t cope.  A very good remedy for insomnia.


A bit like Agrimony the Aspen state, is a little tricky to identify.  Aspen is for vague fears: unexplained unknown fears. That seem to come from beyond our world: a sense of doom and gloom for no apparent reason. These groundless fears can come day or night, and a creeping sense of fear washes over you.  Its an excellent remedy for horrific/monster type nightmares and will calm you and children very quickly.
Aspen will ease these fears and allow you to live in the world.

Mimulus – afraid of life

This remedy is one of the most popular remedies.  It’s for known fears.  In the Mimulus state you’ll be afraid of spiders, escalators, flying, health, getting a terminal disease, leaving the house.  If you know what you’re afraid of, then Mimulus will do good work for you. Mimulus people are afraid of life.

But you’ll not know that Mimulus is anxious. They’ll quietly get on with life.  They don’t talk about their anxieties. they keep them to themselves. They push them down and end up with stomach ache.  It’s particularly noticeable in children.  A young child will develop ‘tummy ache’ the night before a test at school, or when they’re going into a new class.

Red Chestnut – anxiety for loved ones

This is a familiar anxiety for us all – being anxious about our loved ones.  Perhaps one of your loved ones is sick or ill.   Maybe your partner has to drive to and from work in the early morning or late and night, down dark narrow lanes and who-knows-what is coming the other way!  Perhaps your child is going to university or leaving to travel the world, going to unsavoury places where goodness knows what can happen to them!
And despite the reassurance from your loved ones that they will be alright, you still worry. Red Chestnut will ease your anxiety and you’ll no longer be overly anxious about your loved ones.

Rock Rose – the ‘volcano’ remedy

In an emergency situation, when your anxieties are escalating, you’ll be able to feel them physically and emotionally. Fear can go so deep you can almost feel it in your bones.
In a crisis or tragedy raw, naked fear strikes and you become nailed to the stop, unable to move.  Rock Rose heals the fear and allows you to deal with the situation that’s distressing you, with courage.

If you take Rescue Remedy regularly to help with your anxiety, its probably because the remedy you need is Rock Rose

If you or someone you know, suffers from despair and depression, click here to find Bach Flower Remedies to help.

Mental health has been brought very much to the fore since Princes William and Harry admitted having difficulty dealing with their mother’s death.  And now the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are championing the importance of Mental Health for happy and productive lives.

I believe that feeling good is the most important thing in our lives and if you don’t feel good, then there is a really simple way of healing your feelings.  Click here to find out how you can study the Bach Flower Remedies so you can manage your own and your family’s emotions.

Over to you.  This is a long blog today because its such an important subject, so please leave your thoughts and comments in the Comment Box below.  As always, I love to hear from you.  Take care.  Rose.

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