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Here in the UK, the heat is now too hot to handle.  Well, it is for me, II don’t know about you.  I can’t cope with intense heat.  I know loads of you are loving the summer sun, but there are just as many of us who aren’t made to take this intense heat.

There are 38 remedies and its difficult to know which remedies will help you.  Here are 2 Bach Flower Guides that’ll help you decided which remedies suit you.

Bach Flower Remedy Guides

Too hot to handle

How are you managing with the heat? Not so good – then here are some Bach Flower Remedies that can help you.

This is how I feel when the heat is too hot for me to handle.  Perhaps you feel like this too?

*Feel ‘spaced out’ and can’t concentrate
*Grumpy and irritable – my nerves seem frayed at the edges.
*And I absolutely must lie down!  There’s no substance in me to sit up or do anything.

Rescue Remedy

This amazing remedy is a combination of 5 remedies, 3 of them will help you cope with the heat.

Clematis. The beautiful white flowers of Clematis help with the ‘spaced out’ feeling that comes when w’re overheated and feeling faint. You know that floppy feeling when you can’t get your mind to focus.  It’s not that you’re lying on the sofa, ideally day dreaming.  No.  Your mind won’t work.  Clematis will help to ground you.

Impatiens  The heat seems to make us snappy and  irritable. We get and impatient with everyone about everything.

Star of Bethlehem – deals with shock and trauma.  It’s the remedy that’ll ‘stick you back together again’.  Very helpful when you feel as if you can’t ‘pull yourself’ together.

Next we call on 2 trees to help us when it’s too hot to handle.


Beech is brilliant. It’s for when the heat is intolerable and you to become intolerant and critical of others.  (I know this is unusual for you, but when its so hot, it seems to affect our tolerance levels.


The knarled and tired Olive tree gives us the remedy for physical fatigue.   Take it when you’re feeling drained and debilitated.  Olive will restore some energy and motivation.


Into a glass of water, put 4 drops of Rescue Remedy and 2 drops each of Beech and Olive and sip through out the day.  If you’re travelling, into a 500ml bottle of mineral water, put 6-8 drops of Rescue and 3-4 drops of the single remedies into the bottle and sip frequently.

This is your remedy-water, not your thirst water.  Remember to drink more water in this hot weather, that you would do usually.

This mix helps me get through the heat of the day, so I hope it’ll help you too. Click here if you’d like to know more about the Bach Flower Remedies.

Over to you 

As always, I love hearing from you.  So please leave your thoughts and comments in the comment b ox below.



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Bach Flower Remedy Guides

    Rose Todd

  • Vimala says:

    Interesting post, Rose. I have never thought of using Bach Flower Remedies for managing the intense heat of summer. Thanks for sharing this & opening my mind to the possibilities of these wonderful remedies.

    • Rose Todd says:

      Hello Vimala. Thank you for your comment. It does seem strange to take the Bach remedies just because the weather’s hot. But they heal and soothe emotions, and so I identified how the heat made me feel, and took the remedies. It’s amazing – but it works and will help you deal with the heat better.
      Keep well. Rose.

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