The Nine Trees Of Spring

Over the next few months the 9 of the Bach Flower remedy plants will come into flower.  The unusual thing is that they are all these trees are made, not by the usual Sun-method connected to Bach Flowers, but by the boiling method.

The seach begins 

Edward Bach discovered the remedies in three different ‘batches’.  The first remedies he called the Twelve Healers. 

Bach likened The Twelve Healers to the 12 signs of the zodiac.  Just as we all belong to one of the signs of the Zodiac, we all belong to one of the Twelve Healers.  He also believed that we’re part of the Divine and we all have an aspect of Divinity within us. He thought of the Twelve Healers as having Soul qualities and that we all belong to one of these Soul Remedies.

However, when the Twelve Healers didn’t work, he went searching once again and found the Seven Helpers.  As we grew up we all had to learn to adapt our personalities to our circumstances – some of which were hard and traumatic.   The Seven Helpers represent our modified personality and can completely swamp the Soul remedy underneath.

Bach believed his system was now complete.

Another search begins

Then in spring of 1936, he suffered from a very severe sinus infection. His pain was so intense, he feared he would lose control of his mind.

He went searching for a remedy to help him deal with the feelings of the fear that his pain induced and found Cherry Plum.   Cherry Plum is the first flowering tree of spring which suddenly bursts into a cloud of bright white flowers that bring light of spring, after the dark days of winter.  (Cherry Plum in flower is the main image).

It’s now very personal

From February until July and August, Bach found what has become known as the Second Nineteen.  These 19 remedies are remedies we need to help us deal with the stress of daily life.

Each one of the remedies in the Second Nineteen were discovered because Bach needed them.

He felt the overwhelm of the responsibility of finding and developing a natural and simple healing method that would be used in every household.  He had a break-down of confidence, becoming mentally exhausted and finding it difficult to hold his integrity, as he was being heavily influences by those around him.   He lived every one of the states of the Second Nineteen remedies.

Bach wanted to develop a perfect system that would heal our fears, doubts, anger and pain: that would lead to self-knowledge and therefore guide us to walk the path of our soul, so we would live our divinity.

Nine trees of spring

Why did he make the remedies from the flowers and buds of trees in spring?  Why did he change from making the remedies by the heat of the sun?

The second question is perhaps easier to answer than the first.

Some essences are made by the sun method (the heat of transformation was coming ‘from above’) but there is little heat in the spring sun.

The reason Bach boiled the flowers of some trees and plants is not documented.

Everyday stresses

The Second Nineteen remedies heal the emotions of our everyday stress.  It’s almost as if the heat used for transforming the energy of the flowers into a high vibrational essence needs to come from below; needs to come up, healing what’s within the personality.

And why so many trees in the Second Nineteen?  I can only guess at that, as I’ve not read any reference to the tree remedies.

Trees have strong, deep roots that not only keep them anchored to the earth but are they also provide the ‘earthly/worldly’ nourishment (water and minerals) needed.  The leaves turn the light of the sun into food that feeds the tree.

The tree, (as do all the other plants) floods our personalities with the energy from above and brings up the ‘salts’ of the earth.

I think that trees give us the strength to stay rooted in our earthly lives and give us the inspiration; the food from above that are so necessary for our happy and successful life on earth.

Nine Trees of Spring

Cherry Plum – obsessive, destructive thoughts   
Beech – critical and intolerant of others
Elm – overwhelmed with the responsibility of the work that needs to be done

Aspen – fears of the unknown
Chestnut Bud – not learning from past experience
Hornbeam – Mental exhaustion leads to being emotionally drained
Larch – lack of self-confidence
Pine – feelings of guilt, remorse, and not feeling good enough
Walnut – open to the influence of others


Over to you

This blog is a little different from the other blogs so I hoped you enjoyed it. The blog shows you that the Bach Flower Remedies are so much more than ‘take Rescue Remedy and you’ll be fine’!  I was hoping to show you some the depth of the healing power of the Bach Flower Remedies.
As always, I love hearing from you so please leave your thoughts and comments in the Comment Box below.  Thank you.  And,  
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