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These days anxiety could be described as an “epidemic”.  Anxiety is debiliating and crippling and takes over our lives.   But what is anxiety?

It’s a feeling of unease, such as worry or fear.  It can be mild and fleeting or it can be chronic and severe.  Some people live with anxieties and fears every day of their lives.

What causes anxiety?

My understanding is that anxiety comes from fear.  And no, they are not the same thing.

Imagine a volcano.  Anxiety is like the hot molten-rock that swirls and churns far beneath the surface of the earth.  It’s always there, just looking for a ‘trigger’ and a crack in the earth’s crust that it can force its way through.  It then erupts into hot, full blown fear!

I believe that cause of anxiety is that we’re afraid of getting hurt and afraid we can’t cope with ….. fill in the blank.

I know I’ve said it before, and I’m sure I’ll say it more than once again, I believe that confidence is at the foundation of a happy life.  If you’re confident, you might not be able to cope with every situation that life throws at you, but at least you’re confident enough to give it a try.

We lose our confidence when we’re physically and emotionally hurt.  You heard people say, after they’ve had their heart broken “I’ll never fall in love again” ­ – and they don’t!  They become very anxious about any form of relationship.

If you suffer from anxiety, the source of your worry could come for any number of places and lack of confidence will go hand and hand with your anxieties and fears. (Click here to find more about confidence and related remedies).

There are three very good anxiety remedies.
Finding the remedy to help you has as much to do with how you respond to your anxiety as the anxiety itself.  Not every remedy will heal your anxiety – but chose the ‘right’ one, and it will literary begin to change your life.



If you need Agrimony, you’ll suffer from great anxiety, but you don’t know how to deal with it so you’ll push it down and hide behind a happy face.  If you need Agrimony, you’ll be restless: “I like to keep busy”. As well as keeping busy, you’ll like to go shopping, meet friends, watch junk on the TV.  You’ll do anything so long as you’re not alone to think.


Mimulus is one of the most commonly bought remedies, which shows how common anxiety is.   Mimulus is for known fears.

If you know what your anxious about, then Mimulus will help you.   If you need Mimulus, you’ll keep your worry to yourself.  You won’t talk about it or discuss it.  You’ll just push it down – probably into your stomach.  A young child might not realise they’re anxious but will complain of stomach pains when they’re facing something new or they’re not sure about.

Rock Rose

This remedy is taken daily by millions in Rescue Remedy.  It’s the remedy for ‘urgent fear’ – panic!  Rock Rose fear is the volcano erupting!  There are some people who live in a chronic state of high level of fear every day!  Rock Rose, over time, will heal this chronic condition.

Bach Flower Remedies are so much more than Rescue Remedy and Larch (for self-confidence). There are 38 remedies that cover every emotion felt by mankind.  You’ve discovered, from these blogs, remedies that you need that you didn’t know about.

Click here if you’re interested in find out about this natural, simple and extremely powerful healing system.  As you can tell – I just love them – and know you will too!

Over to you 

I hope you found the blog helpful.  The remedies are natural, simple and safe to take.  They make a tremendous difference in my life, and they can do in your’s too.
As always, I’d love to hear from you, so please leave our comments in the Comment Box below.  I look forward to hearing from you.  Thank you.

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Rose Todd

  • Judith MacKay says:

    Thank you Rose this is really helpful. My fears and have to say despair seem to come after dark and I just sit and cry on my own. I have Mimulus and will add that to the mix.

    • Rose Todd says:

      Dear Judith. Thank you for writing. I’m sorry to hear that the dark brings despair.
      That’s not good at all. If you’know what you’re worried about, then Mimulus will certainly help. As you have Mimulus, definitely add it to your mix – which I hope contains Rescue Remedy. If it doesn’t, I suggest you add that too.
      I hope you feel better very soon.
      Warm wishes

      • Judith MacKay says:

        Thank you Rose. Really appreciate this

        • Rose Todd says:

          It’s a pleasure Judith.

  • Pat Wells says:

    A good read Rose. You are a walking miracle !

    • Rose Todd says:

      Thank you Pat – I’m glad you enjoyed the blog
      (And thank you for your very kind words!)
      Rose x

  • Dinesh Sharma says:

    Thanks Rose for very useful Article and Knowledge

    • Rose Todd says:

      It’s a pleasure Dinesh. I’m glad you found it useful.
      Take care and enjoy the remedies.

  • Veronika abraham says:

    By good ljuck, today I found your blog about anxiety . Fantastic I still have to wait for a little while before I can take the remedies again. – but they’re always there.
    How are you? That is just as important I know so little about you, but I have the feeling I know you enough to see how fantastic you are. Love Veronika

    • Rose Todd says:

      Hello Veronika. Good to hear from you. I’m glad you found the blog on Anxiety on my site. There are a couple of other blogs on Anxiety too. Perhpas you could have a look at those one day too.
      I’m glad you’re doing so much better. The remedies will be there, waiting for you, when you need them again.
      I’m very well thank you – and thank you for your kind words.
      Keep well. Warm wishes Rose.

  • Ms Vidya Shivakumar says:

    Thank You so much Rose. I really enjoy reading your blogs. Someone whom I know has anxiety with uncontrollable shivers and jaw clenching as a strong physical reaction. I am going to add Agrimony and Mimulus to Rescue and try. Will keep you posted.

    • Rose Todd says:

      Hello Vidya. Thank you for leaving a Comment and for your kind words about the blogs. I’m glad you enjoy them.
      We would shiver and tremble uncontrolably, even to the point of clenching our jaw is because something has happened and we;re terrified. it’s fear that ‘s bring on these symptoms. The remedy for this is Rock Rose (its in Rescue Remedy). The person you speak of is anxious – they have gone passed anxiety into intense fear and panic. Mimulus is unlikely to help.
      Agrimony wont help at all. Yes, Agrimony pushes their anxiety down, but they do this by going out, shoppping, going to parties. Is this how your friend is responding to her fear?
      Ask her what she’s afraid of… she she doesn’t know – its just a ‘creepy’ feeling she has, then add Aspen to the Rescue Remedy.
      Put the remedies in a glass of water and give her a sip eery 10 minutes until she’s calmer.
      This will help. Take care. And well done for helping someone in distress. Rose.

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