Introducing the Sunday Bach Flower Blogs

Our emotions drive our lives.

We’d like to think they don’t, but they do.   Confident_womanHow you feel affects not only what you do – but the way that you do it!

Can you imagine being able to say (and believe it )


If you felt like that, every day, can you imagine what your life would be like?  Can you think of one word that would describe it?

Amazing!  Extraordinary! Incredible! 

And I’m sure you’ve come up with more yourself.

Whether you’ve come to this blog simply to help you find a simple, natural waLonelyy to help you lift anxiety and depression; release hurt and blame or to heal sadness and sorrow. Or perhaps you’re here because you know about the Law of Attraction, and know that you feelings create your lives.  Whichever is true for you – the answer to every question lies in how you feel – and then healing that feeling, thus returning you to harmony and happiness.

No matter what the problem, your emotions can lead you to the answer. 

But they can also block a clear connection to your intuition.

We create our lives with our thoughts and feelings – you can’t have one without the other.  It’s a bit like the Yin and Yang symbol.  But sometimes, the emotional half, grows more intense and can ‘drown’ the thought half.  And that’s when things start going wrong in our lives.  It’s impossible for you to ‘control’ or change your thoughts when you feelings are so strong!

drum-rollYou need help to do this.

So, send for the cavalry!

Drum roll please…  enter centre stage ……   Edward Bach

The Bach Flower Remedies.

If you’ve been listening to me for a while, you’ll know about the Bach Flower Remedies.  They are flower essences that are natural and easy to use – and they work!

However, if you’re one of those that say… “I took Recuse Remedy and it did nothing for me” – then please stay with me and I’ll explain why they are so effective.

It’s all about vibrations 

You know we live in a vibrational universe which is managed by the law of attraction.  This amazing law operates on the principle of like attracts like, so it gathers matching vibrations together.

Our thoughts and feelings generate vibrations which radiate out of us into the universal ‘soup’ and the law of attraction starts gathering similar vibrations together and sends us an experience that matches our vibrations and feelings.   Vibrations always match!

The Bach Flower Remedies are made in a very particular way. The flower is the highest vibrations of the flower Wild Rose Liftedand1-sun-method-gorseW in the process of making the remedy, the essence of the flower is 1-sun-method-gorseW1-sun-method-gorseWtransferred into water.  As water goes ‘off; the essences are preserved in brandy and that’s why the remedies smell and taste like Christmas pudding.

They are vibrational remedies.  If you choose the correct remedy and take it, it will heal you – due to the principle of like attracts like.  If it doesn’t work and you don’t begin to feel better then, guess what – you haven’t choose the right remedy and therefore the vibrations won’t match!

The Sunday Bach blog is for you. 

I would like you come to the blog to help you understand about the remedies and understand about yourself too.  So, please send  to me your questions and queries, and I’ll give you the answer in the blog.

I’m running a Bach Flower Remedies workshop, south east of Cambridge, on 8th April 2017.  If you’re interested in this workshop, please write to me on [email protected]  and I’ll send you details.

If that’s too far for you, then perhaps you’d like to consider the on-line course.



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    Rose Todd

  • Debz says:

    Hi Rose, the Bach flower blogs – genius! Has such a nice ring to it and very soothing for a Sunday.

    It takes me a long time to get into a routine of taking anything – tips on ways to take the remedies would be good. And why is just a few drops enough? Is it more about how often you take them rather than how much?

    Thanks, Debz

    • Rose Todd says:

      Hi Debz. Thank you for your comment.
      It does take us a long time to get into the rhythem of doing something new. I would have two Treatment bottles – one by the kettle (often in use in my house) and one at work. Having them in both places will help you remember to take them.
      The Bach Flower Remedies are vinbrational remedies, this means that when you put the remedies into a glass of water and sip them frequently, you are adjusting your own vibrations, a little at a time – rather like playing a scale in music.
      Frequency is key and much more important than quantity.
      Hope this helps.

  • christine says:

    Hello Rose… came across you tonight while just …browsing… browsing for what I need in my life, to lift me to another level that I just continually struggle to get to. I do believe this: You were meant to drop into my life … right now… at this time… tonight… this is the time for me to learn about the remedies… I have used them,… and recommended them to clients for years, with some success… sometimes no success. I need to learn more. One question I have… I would like to take your course… but then after a certain amount of knowledge,