How To Break Repeated Patterns

Do you recognise repeated patterns in your life?  Are you aware when you make the same mistake over and over?  Some people break up a relationship and go into another just the same. And the same applies to the jobs. We often find ourselves in different places with different faces, but living the same story.  It’s almost as if we’re living life on a repeating loop. Bach Flower Remedy Guides

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There’s lots of talk these days about breaking or releasing negative beliefs or thought patterns. I’m sure you’re aware of some repeated patterns in your life.

The blog today is about the Horse Chestnut tree (the White Chestnut tree).  Bach made two essences from the same tree. One of them is one of the two ‘non-flower’ essences he made; Chestnut Bud.

Chestnut Bud carries the energy of spring. The bud and new leaves burst forth, expressing  the new season:  expresing new beginnings and new growth. It’s as if its saying “Yes” to life, with all it’s experiences and lessons to learn.
White Chestnut is made from the flowers.
Both have repeated thought patterns.
One repeating the mistakes of the past and the other not being present in this moment.

Life is about gaining knowledge and understanding from your experiences and listening to your intuition so you can find your life’s purpose. In the living of life, we find out about our ‘faults’ – the part of our personalities that we don’t really like – the parts that make us feel uncomfortable. We can only be happy when we recognise the part of us we need to change and then change it.

Sometimes we don’t observe what’s going on in our lives and we don’t recognise what we can change. Sometimes we don’t recognise the error of our ways.

Some of us need to repeat mistakes before we recognise them. I generally do something three times before I realise that I’ve done it twice before and it didn’t work then, and it isn’t working now.

Playing Snakes and Ladders

If you you’re in need of Chestnut Bud its as if you’re playing Snakes and Ladders – you take two steps forward and then slip back again, falling easily into your old ways. And you don’t remember what life is showing you.
Chestnut Bud will help you to see what is really happening and help you see the ‘error’ of your ways.

The Mind’s Merry-go-Round

Again, the mind is not focused and thoughts are replayed on a loop. The common, and excellent analogy, is that White Chestnut is for the merry-go-around of thoughts.  When we need this essence our thoughts go over old conversations and arguments and rerun the same worries about the future.

Our minds are constantly seeking solutions to problems. When you’re in need of White Chestnut,  you’re stuck in repeating patterns of thoughts and the mind can’t find a solution.  For example …

“The other day my mind was so busy with my own mental arguments, that I almost drove through a red traffic light”. “My mind is full of my own chatter that I don’t seem to be able string a logical sentence together”.

White Chestnut will break your repeated thought patterns and bring you relief.

Both essences are from the same tree and will help breaking repeated patterns of thought.
White Chestnut will help break our mental merry-go-round.
Chestnut Bud helps us recognise our life lessons.

Over to you

Although it might seem like it, using Bach Flower Essences is not a once-off thing. If you’re like me, you just wanted that one horrid feeling to go away and you don’t think beyond it. My first remedy was Impatiens, but even though it melted my irritability, I then recognised other unwanted feelings, so I went back to the Essences again looking for another essence to help me.

The Bach Flower Essences is a complete system of emotional healing. A system you can use for yourself, your family and friends – all your life! Click here if you’d like to find out more about this amazingly powerful healing system

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