How are you energy levels?

It’s April already and Spring is well and truely here!

Have you been feeling tired lately?  Are your energy levels low?I can almost hear you saying…”Yes Rose – but what has this got to do with Spring?”..well more than you realise.

The Energy of Spring

The Spring Equinox has come and gone so we’re now heading into summer (even if it doesn’t seem like it).

Have you ever considered how much energy it takes the trees, shrubs, plants and flowers to push their way through the cold hard soil of winter?  It takes an incredible amount of energy to bring spring into being.

Spring is now dressed in her Sunday best.  Everywhere there are beautiful yellow and orange spring flowers and flowering trees line avenues and roads.

Yesterday whilst driving I’ve noticed that Cherry Plum standing proudly in a row of skeleton looking trees.  It looked as if it had a large cotton-wool ball of a mass of white flowers stuck on its trunk!  And within the next week, the new buds on the tress will begin to unfold their yellowy-green leaves.

Spring is bursting forth everywhere. (At least, it is in the northern hemisphere).

However this need for more energy in Spring is not just revelant to shrubs and flowers!Have you ever thought that WE also need a lot of energy to bring us from the cold, dark days of winter into the light of spring? Especially as the weather is not yet stable and we’re still having grey damp days.  

If you are not ‘filled with the joys of spring’, there are some excellent Bach Flowers to help you find a sense of aliveness and fun.  But you may have found that its not always easy to choose a remedy that helps you.  So have a look at the free Bach Flower Guides.  You’ll love them – everyone does!  

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Remedy Suggestions to help you have more energy for Spring

However, I’m sure you’d like some Bach Flower suggestions to help with low energy levels now.  Here’s quick tip: – always look at why your feeling as you are.  I’ll show you want I mean in my remedy suggestions.


This is the first and obvious remedy to give you more energy is Olive. The fatigue of Olive comes from having a prolonged illness, such as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, ME or Covid.

Covid and Long Covid affect poor energy levels. The ‘Why’ to needing Olive is that you’ve been through or are living with a prolonged, debilitating illness.Click here for more information on Olive..


Hornbeam is for when we feel as if we don’t have the strength to get through the day.

We’ve become bored with our work and find it tedious. Our work no longer brings us joy.  2 drops of Hornbeam into glass of water and sipped frequently, will return your motivation and give you the energy to do all that needs to be done.

Click here for more on Hornbeam

Wild Rose

This remedy is similar to Hornbeam with the feeling of ‘ can’t be bothered’, but there is a different cause.  In a Wild Rose state, you’ve become “defeated by time and endeavour”. This means you’ve been working so hard for so long and have got nowhere. So you feel resigned and apathetic about the situation because you think there’s nothing you can do to change your life – so you don’t do anything.Click here for more about Wild Rose.

Other Remedy suggestions for Spring:

Wild Oat. This can help you find purpose and give meaning to your life.  If your life has no meaning you’ll be weary and lethargic.

Gorse. This is the remedy for hopelessness.  If you’ve lost all hope, then you’re not going to have the energy to do anything.

Some Suggestions for Depression remedies

If you  need of any of the remedies I’ve mentioned, you’ll have no energy to take you into Spring, which means your defences against illness will be low and you may feel even feel depressed.

If you feel depressed as well as low energy then you may need one of the 8 remedies in Bach’s Group for Despair and Despondence.  All these remedies similar depressed feelings, but all with different causes.The Bach Guides will help you chose the remedy that ywill do you the most good.

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Rose Todd

  • Sue Cooke says:

    Thank you Rose for sharing this valuable information.

    Now is the time to replenish ourselves and get ready and energised for the gorgeous seasons ahead. Nature always gives me inspiration as I watch the young buds bursting out. This time of year is simply amazing! 😁

    The Bach Flowers are a gift and there to be used to lift our spirits and find our way once again.

    • Rose Todd says:

      Dear Sue. Thank you very much for your lovely comment. And I agree. Nature is so powerful and brings is so many opportunities and such joy. And the Bach Flower Remedies are indeed a brilliant gift.! Don’t we just love them! Rose

  • Sheetal says:

    Lovely 🌹

    • Rose Todd says:

      Thank you Sheetal. Rose

      • Rose Todd says:

        It’s a pleasure Sheetal. Rose

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