Bach To The Rescue on Fireworks Night

There’s something magical about fireworks. Whether you’re a child or still a child at heart, seeing rockets of light shooting high into the sky and then exploding into a myriad of different coloured sparks is enchanting, beautiful and exciting. 

Unless that is, you don’t like fireworks and then fireworks night is a nightmare. So I thought I’d remind you to have your Rescue Remedy close to hand before the fireworks begin.

Bach Flowers Remedies are very practical as well as having deep, life changing effects and are an important part of your First Aid kit. 

Bach Flower First Aid for Firework Night

For The Children

Young children, particularly the quiet and shy ones, are so frightened by the loud noises of fireworks, that they don’t see the beautiful display of colour lights.

So if this is your child’s first experience of fireworks, please tell them what’s going to happen and explain about the noise. Maybe break them in gently by burning a sparkler for them and then holding the sparkler with them.

Please have your bottle of Rescue Remedy with you, just in case things don’t go smoothly.  

If your child is frightened by the fireworks, please don’t try to give them Rescue Remedy straight on their tongue. The remedies are preserved in brandy and the strong taste of brandy is a shock and tastes horrible for the child.

Instead, 6 drops into a 500ml bottle of water and give the child a drink. Even a small sip will calm your child.

For Burns

Rescue Remedy in a spray would be ideal for burns too. If its not possible for the child to take Rescue Remedy then you can spray Rescue Remedy onto theit wrists. Yes, The Bach Remedies work just as well when you put it on the skin too.  

Take care, but if someone unfortunately gets burnt – so long as the skin is not broken – put Rescue Remedy on the skin.  (A Rescue spray would be handy to have in this situation).If the skin is broken and you put Rescue Remedy on it, it will sting and be even more painful than the burn.

Fireworks and Animals Don’t Mix

Firework night is a nightmare time for your animals.  Please, please make sure they’re safe.

A long time ago, I had a softie Labrador who came from a Rescue Centre and had been very badly treated.  She was absolutely terrified of fireworks and thunder.  At firework time or in a thunder storm, she would hide behind the shower curtain, or hide her head behind the toilet.

How I wish I’d had Rescue Remedy then.

Animal Dosage

Put 2 drops of Rescue Remedy into your animals’ water.  If they’re badly frightened and come to you for safety, put 2 drops into a saucer of water, dip your fingers in the water and wipe it on their nose (where their tongue can reach) and wipe their paws.  They will lick it off and it will help them tremendously.

If Rescue Remedy doesn’t sooth your animals straight away, Aspen is the remedy that is for unknown fears.  Put that in their water too.  It works well with Rescue Remedy.

It can be tricky to know which remedies will suit you best, so I have some FREE guides to help you. Have a look, they will make life easier for you (just as the Bach Flower Remedies do) Click here to get you FREE guides.

Over to you  

As always, I love to hear from you, so please leave your thoughts, your comments and of course your questions. If there is something you’d particularly like to know about, please let me know as I’m always looking for blog ideas.

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Rose Todd

  • Sue Cooke says:

    Hi Rose, as always thank you for taking the time to help.

    • Rose Todd says:

      Good morning Sue. It’s a pleausre. I know how it is, when we get ‘caught up’ in what’s happening, we sometimes forget about the little things that can help.
      Take care. Rose

  • Sylvia says:

    Hi Rose,
    Thanks for these blogs, they are eye openers. Really appreciate them. I was wondering what to give to a person who is unsure of exactly what they’re feeling. They don’t feel ok but can’t put their finger on it. They feel unsteady and nervous but don’t know why. Could be sudden or slow onset.
    Thanks for your insights,

    • Rose Todd says:

      Hello Sylvia. Thank you. I’m glad you enjoy the blogs.
      You mention not being sure of how you’re feeling… I think this is the most difficult problem we face. I know it trips me up too. The only thing I can suggest is to try Rescue Remedy. Rescue Remedy is a mix of 5 different remedies, and of course it has the energy of the synergy of the remedies too. So perhaps for now, just put 2 drops of Rescue Remedy into a small glass of water and see if that helps. If it doesn’t get in touch with me again, and perhaps we can talk it through and find out how you do feel. 🙂 Hope this helps. Rose

      • Sylvia Harroch says:

        Thank you so much, Rose! You’re a blessing!
        Sylvia xo

        • Rose Todd says:

          Thank you for your kind words Sylvial. I appreciate your thoughts. Rose

      • Sylvia Harroch says:

        Oh yes, I forgot to mention. I tried to order your Bach flower guides but noticed the fee was in pounds. What would it be in Euros?

        • Rose Todd says:

          Hi Sylvia. As I live in UK the price of my products is in UK£s. Some of the products also have the US$ equivalent. Eoros? I’ve just asked Google how much GB£2.99 is in Euros. Google told me, today its Euro – .3.31 (it’ll change with the rate of exchange).
          I’m sure when you complete the order and payment form, you fill in the GB£s – and the payment ‘processes’ change it to the currency of your country..
          Let me know if you have trouble, and I’ll see what I can do about it..
          Trake care. Rose

  • Nalomeli says:

    Aloha Rose, last night was Halloween and some people were lighting fireworks. There were other scary noises, too. But what I’m wondering about is internal noise. I have a friend with ringing in her ears that is annoying and I know a young person who hears voices in her head that yell rude things to her. Neither allopathic nor psychiatric medicine has helped either one. Could the problems be emotional and therefore helped by Bach Flower Remedies?
    Thank you, Nalomeli

    • Rose Todd says:

      Hello Naiomeli. As you know, we don’t treat physical complaints with Bach Flowers. However, we do treat the feelings that we feel from the physical complaints.
      You say…”ringing in her ears that is annoying” – so look to see if you can find out more about her feelings of ‘annoying’? At a guess she could need Impatiens or/and Beech.
      Regarding the young person who hears voices – this is a issue and control: lack of control of the ‘rational’ mind – Cherry Plum will work wonders. I’d also ask her about what the voices are say.. for exaplme … do what the Voices are shouting make her feel as if she wrong; feel ashamed? If so, Pine will help her too.
      I hope this is helpful. If not, get back to me and I’ll see what else I can do. Take care. Rose
      I hope this is helpful – if its not, get back to me and I’ll see what else I can do, Rose.

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