Bach Blog. Do You Live With A Domineering Control Freak?

Do you live with a domineering ‘control freak’?   Maybe you’re one yourself – or is it that everyone else is plain ‘stupid’ or an ‘idiot’?   

Most of the remedies we buy are for ourselves because we can recognise that we are irritable, anxious or lack confident.  But no one is going to admit that they are a domineering control freak, always belittling those they work or live with.

This week’s remedy is Vine, which Bach put in the group Overcare for the welfare of others.  (That’s a kind way of putting it!

Domineering Vine 

Those in need of Vine are very capable people; certain of their own ability.
They are bullies and have a ruthless disregard for, and dismiss the opinions of others.  They are very sure of themselves and won’t ‘give in’.  They must be obeyed.   They must dominate others.

Perhaps you recognise some of these traits because you’ve lived with a parent, sibling or partner who was controlling.

Climbing the Corporate ladder 

The Vine personality is typical of  those who are determined to climb the corporate ladder.  They can be described as Authoritive, Arrogant and very Bossy.  They’re hard hearted and narrow minded (they’re always right) and so they will never enter into a discussion.

Misusing their gift

They have an amazing gift of power and they are misusing it.  They are bullies and are proud if it.  I’ve mentioned Vine and bullying in the blog: Help For The Holidays

Powerful leaders

If you have a crisis, there is no one better than a positive Vine  to take over and lead you out of the chaos.  A healthy Vine is a good team-leader who can become a beloved teacher or ‘the good shepherd’.
In their natural, positive state they’ll delegate, passing some responsibility to the others in their team and they are always there to help others help themselves.

Victoria is married but has no children.  She is hard working, and by her own admition “is very domineering”.  She “rules her husband with an iron hand” – and  everyone else too.  She wants everyone to do what she wants whether they want it or not!
She always says that she “gets along with everyone, so long as they see things her way” – because after all, her way is the only right way!

After a few weeks of taking Vine, she said “Do you know, I’m not half as aggressive as I was before and my friends have noticed it too.”

There so much more

Every week I give you a snippet of one of the remedies or perhaps an example of how two or three remedies can work well together, but there is so much more to this powerful system of healing than I can give you in these blogs.  Here is a little of my Bach story.

I bought my first Bach Flower Remedy book in 1987. Every remedy told me a little about my personality and how I was reacting to life.  It fascinated me
Without knowing it, I had begun to walk the path of self-knowledge, at the same time becoming happier and more confident than I’d ever been. In 1991 I went on the Bach Centre course not intending to become a Practitioner (which I did) but because I wanted to know more!

I wanted to find out ‘who I am’ and be happy and confident.

These amazing remedies have been my constant companions and have seen me through bringing up 2 children in a country that was torn apart by a terrorist war where there were shortages of food and fuel: packed up my home and changed continents 4 times: through the breakdown of my marriage and divorce after 36 years and settling into a new country.  Through it all, the remedies have soothed, healed my feelings, always giving me the courage to keep going every day.

Bach Flower Remedies is a natural and beautiful healing system that can lead you to happiness, success, show you who you are and help you find meaning and purpose in your life. Click here for more.   They did all that for me.

Over to you.
I’d love to hear from you.  So please leave me your comments with your thoughts, and of course, your  questions about the Remedies too.  I look forward to hearing from you.  Thank you for reading the longer-than-normal blog.



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Rose Todd

  • Gail says:

    My life has changed since I started using and learning about the Bach Flower Remedies. Life is so better. So simple and non invasive but so powerful. The remedies along with other changes have helped me get my life back but not the old life but a new life.

    • Rose Todd says:

      Dear Gail. Thank you so much for your kind comment. I’m delighted that you enjoyed learning about and using the Bach remedies. They really are brialliant, aren’t they? I’m pleased that you’ve turned your life around and I hope you’re enjoying it to the full.
      Warm wishes. Rose

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