Can You Identify Your Story?

Can you tell a good story?  Can you keep your friends riveted as you recount your latest experience?

Do you know you’re telling yourself a story all day, every day – and often the story is not a happy one!   The chatter that goes on in your head is telling and retelling the story of your life.

Stop and think for a minute – what is the story you’re telling yourself and all your friends too?

Here are three basic story-lines of the stories we tell ourselves.

“I’m treated unfairly … and I can’t do anything about it”.

Does one of them sound similar to the story you tell?  If so, I’ve mentioned which three of the Bach Flower Remedies which could help.

William was a school teacher.  He certainly would not have described the last five years of his career as being successful. He felt that the headmaster and the staff did not understand how difficult his job was.    Online-Bach-Course-Rose-Todd

He had the most difficult class in the school.  The boys were not disciplined, badly behaviour and not at all interested in learning.  It seemed to William that his whole class was out to ‘get him’!  He was bitter and resented this very much!

The remedy that William needed Willow.  Willow is remedy for blaming others, bitterness and resentment.    (That’s me with a Willow tree in flower.  They are tiny pale yellow catkins) 

I’ve given up my life for you … “

Celia was widowed at an early age.  She had brought up her only son, Donald, on her own and had devoted her life to him.  Celia was very upset as Donald was about to get married.  She was extremely jealous of her future daughter-in-Chicory-Googlelaw.

Her attitude toward her son had always been possessive and now she was doing everything she could to stop the marriage.

Celia even develop several ailments and claimed she couldn’t be left alone.  She told her son she would lose her house if he left her and that her life would be finished!

Chicory is needed to heal her attitude of ‘I’ve given up my life for you… so you owe me”!

Chicory turns the ‘needy mother’ into someone who is
selfless, who gives love freely and unconditionally.

“I obviously haven’t learnt my lessons yet…”

Pippa was in her mid-forties and still single.    She’d barely sat down before she opened up …
“I don’t seem to be learning my lessons.  I am blame myself. I haven’t got all the things I really wanted.  There were opportunities for a wonderful family and for a brilliant career, but I didn’t make anything of those opportunities – I walked away.  Now I have nothing.”Pine
Pippa reached for a tissues and said, “I’m so sad and feel so ashamed – I could have had everything I wanted, but I turned away and let opportunities slip me by. I just didn’t learn my lessons properly.  It’s all my fault.”

Pine helped Pippa get over her feelings of guilt.  Pine turns your ‘inner critic into your inner coach’.

Using the Bach Flower Remedies to change how you feel is so simple and easy.

Being aware of how you feel is absolutely vital to be selecting the appropriate remedy that’ll help you feel better.  As well as know how you feel, you need to  study the remedies too.
If you’re already using the Bach Flower Remedies, then you’ve already started on the most magnificent journey ever – the journey of self-knowledge.
If you’d like to find out your stress trigger points and why you react the way you do certain situations, then take a look at my Bach Flower on-line course.

And don’t forget my Blog Comment Competition.  This and That
I always ask for comments on the blogs as I love to hear from you.
So I had a lovely fun idea – to run a completion, giving a copy of my book This and That – a tea and biscuit philosophy on life and the Law of Attraction, as a prize for the comment that generates the most interest.

Christine, in Florida won the February completion.  Her prize book is winging its way to her as  I type.  Well done Christine. I hope you enjoy it!

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Rose Todd

  • Debz says:

    Oh dear, I recognise myself in two out of three stories *pulls out the willow and pine*. Rose do I remember you saying that you use the Healing Herbs Remedies. Thanks, Debz

    • Rose Todd says:

      Hello Debz. Thank you for writing Debz. As these 3 states are very common, its possible that we all need these remedies more than we realise.
      Yes. I use the Healing Herbs brand of the Bach Flower Remedies. I like them best and I find they very powerful.
      However, nowadays, there are many different companies making the remedies – all making sure they use the correct flowers that Bach used and I’m sure they all work well.
      Healing Herbs is my choice. The choice of brand is up to you – and of course will depend on what’s easily available to you.
      I hope this is helpful.
      Warm wishes

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