Suffering from Burn-Out?

Are you living with Burn-Out?  Burn-out is something that’s ofen attached to the Corporate world.  But you don’t have to be in Corporate to suffer from Burn-out.

Marion was exhausted.  She was self-employed and her business was relatively new.  She’d been slowly building up a reputation and a clientelle, but the money wasn’t “rolling-in” as some of the Entrepeneure Course claim.  It was a hard slog.  And she was on her own – no one to help her with any of the work.   

Marion  had build a course over four or five months.  She really enjoyed putting the cournse together but it had taken longer and ha taken more out of there than she realise.  It was a big job. 

Then suddenly, one day, she felt completely drained and exhausted.  But her exaustion wasn’t only physical – she felt as if she’d be thinking too much, and too hard.  She didn’t seem to have the power to think.

Her usually passion and enthusiasm for life had gone out.  The sofa seemed to have a magnetic attraction.  She was so exhausted that she couldn’t get through the day without lying on the sofa at least twice!

A freind had mentioned that they’d got a Remedy Guide from Rose.    Marion decided that the Bach Remedy Guide would be a good thing to have and perhaps it would help her choose some remedies to help here regain her strength.

Bach Flower Remedy Guide

There are 38 remedies and it’s quite tricky to choose which remedies will suit you best but Marion was determined to give it a go.  So she sent for Rose’s guides.

There is a remedy covering every human emotion.  For the remedies to heal, you must choose the right one for your feelings and your reactions to your experiences.

These simple Bach Guides can help you select the best remedies for you.


Burning the Midnight Oil

There comes a time when all of us overstretch. We take on too much, even though we know there are only 24 hours in a day.  (What were you thinking when you said you could do that by tomorrow?)  And now, Marion is too weary to even think.  As she said to one of her friends “I’m thunk” out!  She felt as is she didn’t have the strength to get through the day.



Marion’s mental power was non-existant!
Her work was what is called “heart centred” as she wanted to make a difference in the world.  She put together course to teach others how to make a difference in the lives of their family and friends, and perhaps even to start their own business.
She been driven to do this work for so long, and then suddenly she felt the responsibility for what she’d hope to achieve was too big for one personal to do.  She just couldn’t do it all on her own any loneger.

Lack of Confidence

Ignoring all the warning signs of stretching yourself too far, too often, you steadfastly work on, doing what your passion is driving you to do, and then suddenly you feel like a balloon and the air is fizzing out!

Marion was expereince Burn-Out and  it sapped every spark of Marion’s confidence.   She now left as there was no point in trying, because she knew she’d fail.  This was a completely different mind-set for her, All her natural positive attitude had all drained out of her and she didn’t like it one bit.


Marion was so burnt out that she didn’t even have the strength to do anything about it.  Lying on the sofa – TV took too much effort – was about all she could managed.  She’d become resigned to her situation, accept there was nothing she could do, and there was nothing she felt she wanted to do.    So it was back to the sofa again.

Each of the above snipettes of story describe one of the remedies.
Hornbeam is a metal remedy and is brilliant for when you’ve been over thinking for an extended period.
Elm is the remedy for when we feel we’re doing something for the benefit of mankind – and its too bigh a job for juse one person on their own.
Wild Rose  is a state we go into shen we’re beaten by time and endeavour:  too much hard work in too short a time, and there’s nothing left to give.
Larch is the remedy for lack of confidence and it will also lighten her spirit.

If you or someone you know is suffereing from Burn Out, mix these remedies together, and take them, in waterm very frequently.
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Click here if you like to study the remedies so you can help yourself and family.

Over to you

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