Bach Flowers. Virtual Coffee and Fascinating Conversation

Fascinating conversation

Imagine you and I are sitting chatting with our virtual coffee.  Wouldn’t we have a fascinating conversation. What questions would you ask me?  What do you want to know about Bach Flower Remedies?

I asked the same of my Bach Flower Facebook Group, and here are two of their questions that I think will interest you.

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Dealing with the wariness of closed minds

Marie asked “how to deal with the wariness of people who don’t have open minds.  Do you just continue to live your life as an example or is there a key to opening their acceptance….?”

This is a wonderful question Marie and we’d have a fascinting conversation over coffee.

If you’re open-minded and are open to ‘alternative’ methods of healing for example, and finding and appreciating the spirituality of these healing methods, then you’ll also be aware that everyone is on their own path and will find their unique way in their perfect time.

How do you deal with the wariness of people who don’t have open minds?  Ideally – kindly, with understanding and compassion, allowing them to find their own way in their own time.

Suggested remedies

However, sometimes that can be difficult.  If you’re irritated by their slowness to even consider a different path, take Impatiens.
If you’re irritated and a little critical of their ‘closed-mindedness’ – then Beech will help you.
If you’re irritated by their refusal to budge, when you’ve so excitedly and enthusiastically explained the benefits and still they are closed, then Vervain will help you.

I could tell you so many stories of how I’ve been figuratively ‘slapped across the face’ when I offered (apparently unwanted) help.  There’s an old-fashioned saying – hard but true – “you can’t cast pearls before swine”.  Everyone will find their own ‘pearls’ when their time is right.

You asked: Do you just continue to live your life as an example?”
If you feel you need to live your life as an ‘example’ – perhaps Rock Water would help you.

I believe that we should live our lives from our hearts, guided by our soul, for our own happiness and in service of others.  I think that would be the best example of all, don’t you?

I also believe that even though your suggestions may seem to fall on stony ground, you’re a ‘gardener’ and you’re planting seeds that you may never see grow.  But, because growth and seeking our truth is inherent within us, there will come a time when the seeds you’ve planted will germinate.

So, keep gently offering things to open their minds and know that all is well.


Mackenzies’ question generated some fascinting conversation too.

Mackenzie asked me …

“If you have ever felt you needed to explore other flower essences (I have found hundreds of other types) because you were experiencing an emotion Bach Flower Remedies didn’t address?
Or if you feel the 38 remedies are a complete set that address every human emotion possible? So far, I have yet to come across anything Bach Flowers didn’t address….but I have had many people tell me (including some Bach Flower Practitioners ) that I would have to explore other flower essences if I wanted to truly be able to address all emotion. I feel the Bach system is complete…but what are your thoughts on this?

Gosh.  How I wish we could literary have been sitting around a table chatting.  This would have been a wonderful and fascinating conversation.  Thank you, Mackenzie.

Drawn to other Flower Essences?

No. I have not ever felt the need to explore other Flower essences.  I don’t know if there were any other remedies in 1991.  I was on the 2nd course run by the Bach Centre 1991.   But as you say, there are now hundreds of different flower essences.

I think the main draw for me was that the foundation of this healing system is spiritual, and  its basic philosophy is that we each have a soul and the purpose of the Bach Flower healing is to reconnect us to our souls.  (Our soul is always ‘there’ its just we don’t know it or forget about it sometimes).

12+7 +19 = 38

Bach first discovered the 12 Healers or soul remedies.  These can be likened to the 12 signs of the zodiac.  You belong to one sign of the zodiac and you don’t ever change signs. So, you ‘belong’ to one of the 12 Healers and, contrary to some beliefs, you can’t change your Soul or type remedy.  When you identify your Healer or Soul remedy, you’ll discover the essence of your Inner Being and your purpose in life.

But when Bach found that the remedies didn’t bring about a full healing, he had to go back and look again.  This time he found the 7 Helpers. As we grew up, we had to modify and adapt our personalities to be able to deal with life.  These remedies heal the modifications we made to our personality.

Bach had now found 19 remedies and he thought his system was complete.

Then in February of 1936 he himself, became ill, and so he had to go and find a remedy for his intense pain.
Over the next the six months, Bach discovered 19 remedies that he needed himself to cope with the stress of daily living: from the despair of lack of confidence; the fear and overwhelm of not being able to complete his mission (of finding a natural and simple method of healing in the service of mankind) – and other emotions too.

38 Remedies. Now his system was complete.  Bach rewrote his work.  He died a few months later in November 1936.

A remedy for every feeling

There is a Bach Flower Remedy for every human feeling: for every human emotions.  You can blend 6 of the 38 remedies together to give you a unique and precise mix that suits you and your feelings.

Mackenzie,  I have been studying the Bach Flower Remedies for over 35 years.  I’ve discovered the nature of my soul and understand my purpose in life and I still reach for the remedies to handle all the downs that don’t flow through me easily.    The more I study and the more I learn, the more I’m awed by the simplicity, the vastness and scope of this healing system.

This answer is rather longer than we both expected – but No Mackenzie. I have never felt the need to look at any other Flower or Essence system.  To me the Bach Fower Remedies is a perfect system of emotional healing and I need look no further.

Thank you, Marie and Mackenzie for joining me for our virtual coffee and conversation. I’ve loved talking to you.  Perhaps we should try on Zoom or another platform next time and make it real?

Over to you.
The Bach Flower conversation never ends.  The more you learn the more you want to know. And I love helping you understand yourself and the remedies.  Click here to find out how you can begin your study of the Bach Flower Remedies.

As always, I love to hear from you, so please leave your comments in the Comment box below.  Thank you.

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Rose Todd

  • Ullie says:

    What a great blog, again. You are a wise soul, Rose and I can see that you speak from the heart as well as from experience. As a Vervain type I struggle myself at times to allow others to find their own truth and their own path even though my heart tells me that it the right thing to do. My friends, in our twenties then, occasionally would get a little tired of me and my overbearing enthusiasm as I was preaching yet another newly discovered truth to them swinging my golden virtual sledgehammer. I can still be a little like that these days and taking Vervain always helps me on my mission. I totally agree with you, there is no state of mind and subsequent emotion or feeling that cannot be covered by Dr Bach’s flower remedies. The challenge is to identify those thoughts and feelings as the human drama is presented to us or experienced within. ☺

    • Rose Todd says:

      Hello Ullie. Thank you so much for comments and your very kind words. As you see, I am indeed passionate about the remedies and it seems the more I use them, the more i realise their vast optential.
      I recognise the Vervain traits you mention. I can slip into a Vervain state very easily (its not my Soul remedy). But I can do ‘Preaching’ so very well! And was often ‘knocked down’ from it too.
      The Bach Flower Remedies cover every state of mind, as we know. No matter what the circumstance or situation – its the feelings that count – as you know.
      Thank you Ullie for writing. Much appreciated.

  • Vimala says:

    Love the questions & your perspectives, Rose. I have been tempted to look at other flower essence systems & took a course in another system but I found that the Bach system is by far the simplest with just 38 remedies and thousands of possible combinations.

    That does not mean that other systems don’t work but I found myself going back to Bach remedies most of the time.

    • Rose Todd says:

      Hello Vimala. Thank you very much for leaving a comment. Glad you like the Question and Answer blog.
      There are lots of people who use and love other Flower Essences, and other vibrationally essences too – and loads of people find they work too.
      But, as you gathered, I am, through and through a Bach lady! I’m glad you keep going back to Bach too.
      Thank you for leaving a comment Vimala.
      Take care. Rose

  • yung says:

    Dear Rose,
    Like your view that this system is complete. Simplicity is the key for this system. Dr. Bach is the only one master for this system.

    • Rose Todd says:

      Hello Yung. Thank you. And that you for leaving a comment.
      I believe that the Bach Flower healing system is complete because there is a remedy/an essence for every human emotion,. Unlike a lot of other Essence systems that offer rememedies for situations. With the Bach remedies you can take the remedies that suit you personally.
      And I love them!
      Lovely to hear from you. And thank you once again Yung for writing.

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