Bach Flowers 22-2-2022

This is indeed a momentous day and I wasn’t sure how I could use all the 2s in relation to the Bach Flower Remedies, particularly relating to what’s happening in our lives at the moment.

So I’ve decided to look at the order that Bach discovered the Remedies and their place in the alphabet.

The first remedy Bach discovered was Impatiens.  It’s generally thought Bach himself needed Impatiens.   It’s uncertain whether Mimulus or Clematis was the second.  As there is a lot of anxiety and fear in our world today, I’m going to look at Mimulus.

The second remedy alphabetically is Aspen.  It’s also the second remedy of the Second Nineteen – those remedies that Bach needed for his own healing.

And we’re in the year of ’22’ and the twenty second remedy, alphabetically, is Oak.

I’m going to deviate a little. I’m fascinated by numerology. When working with numbers, all the numbers are added together and reduced to a single number.  Except the numbers 11 and 22.

Number 11 is about inner transformation.   Number 22 is about outer transformation.

For example my birthday is 18 December 1945.  When added together and reduced it becomes 22.  And look at the work I do.  Yes, I use the Bach Remedies to bring about inner transformation, but when the inner heals and becomes aligned with soul, the outer changes too.

The outer is always a reflection of the inner!  And goodness me, our world is in dire need of healing and major change if mankind and our beautiful planet are to survive and thrive.

The number 11 means inner transformation.  There are 38 remedies in the Bach Flower system.  3+8=11.  The Bach Flower system heals our inner negative emotions and changes our outlook on life, bringing inner peace and happiness.

If you’d like to know more about choosing the best remedies to help you, try my Free Bach Guides.  

Now let’s look at how Mimulus, Aspen and Oak fit into our lives today.

You’ve heard me say it before and I shall most probably say it again.  The pandemic is the most monumental crisis that has faced mankind.  It has affected us all.  No one has escaped the illness or the effects of this disease.  It has had a major effect on all our lives from the loss of loved ones to those who felt the despair of loneliness.

I like to start at the beginning – so Mimulus it is.

Life is uncertain.  It always is and it always will be.  But the uncertainty of our lives at this time has risen so high, its ‘off the ‘scale’, as they say.   

Mimulus is for known fears.  If you know what you’re afraid of, and you keep your anxiety to yourself, then Mimulus will help you.  (Don’t confuse keeping anxiety to yourself with Agrimony – that’s totally different). If you’re anxious about your work or your finances, then Mimulus will help you.  Right now, many of us are concerned about the future. What will happen tomorrow or next year are questions that a lot of people are asking.  And although the future is unknown, you’ve identified being anxious about the future, so Mimulus will help.

Aspen. This is the second remedy, alphabetically, and the second remedy in the Second Nineteen.Aspen is for vague, unknown fears.  In the few lines that Bach used to describe the Aspen state, he used word ‘vague’ 5 times. Unknown and vague means it can’t be identified.  There is a ‘creepy feeling of dread and foreboding’.  This is another remedy that doesn’t talk about their anxiety, but this time its because they can’t identify what frightens them.   Being anxious and afraid of the future does not need Aspen but feelings of foreboding does.   

How is this remedy relevant today? A pandemic of this magnitude has never happened to mankind before. We are all walking in new territory.  Nothing that was, is ever going to be the same again.  But how is it going to change?  And will we be able to handle the change?

There is too much unknown.  There is too much that is undefinable.

And lastly the 22nd remedy in alphabetical order is Oak.  Oak if for those who struggle on, taking on more than their own work, due to feelings of duty and responsibility.  Those few words will probably conjure up thoughts of our NHS (the British National Health Service who worked tirelessly throughout the darkest time of the pandemic and who are still working to their limit now). 

The key to recognising the Oak state is when someone is taking on more than their normal work – through feelings of duty and responsibility – until they become completely exhausted – mentally, emotionally and physically – and yet they still struggle on.

You can see how this is relevant to what is happening to us today.  In one way or another, we’ve all taken on more than we would normally do.

Over to you…. 

’m sure you can see how these three remedy states are prevalent in our lives today.  Perhaps you’re in need of one of them, or perhaps all three? 

Bach Flower remedies work.  If you choose the ‘right’ remedy for you, it’ll work and change how you feel so you can live a happy and contented life. 

As always, I love to hear from you, so please leave your thoughts and comments in the Comment box.

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Rose Todd

  • Judith says:

    Fascinating, interesting and very informative and useful read. Thank you. What an extraordinary man Dr Bach was.

    • Rose Todd says:

      Thank you Judith. I’m glad you enjoyed it. U agree. Dr Bach was an extraordinary man. Take care. Rose

  • Cheri says:

    Well that was lovely! I can feel your earnestness in helping others. Thank you Rose

    • Rose Todd says:

      Thank you Cheri for your kind words. The Bach Remedies are a simple and natural way of healing the most important part of us, – our emotions. And they work. Chose the right remedy and you begin to feel better very quickly. I have never uinderstood why the remedies are not more widely used. (So I set about getting the remedies more widely used! 🙂 ) Take care. Rose.

  • jahnean says:

    very interesting thank you for sharing, i love BFR ,and i love how you used numerology to align the BFR on point with todays energy of what the pandemic has created for most humans. i personally use BFR daily and help those who are looking for everlasting peace and wellness. Thank you for sharing.

    • Rose Todd says:

      Hello Jahnean. Thank you for your kind words about the blog. With all the 2s in a line, it was too good an opportunity to miss having some fun. I think if we looked, we’d be able to find connections between all (or most) of the energetic healing systems. Bach was certainly insfluenced by the Chakra system. But as we also know – the Remedies are a stand-aline healing system.
      Its a pleasure to share. And keep up your good work with the Bach Flowers.

  • Ames says:

    Hello Rose,
    Your discovery amazes me! How you incorporated the numbers…
    This to me is more proof or “no coincidence” of the deep connection Bach had to the universe and how divinely he was led by the Holy Spirit to put his discoveries into action. Now we should be as inspired to use our Creators healing gifts from nature to stay connected to who we really are.
    Thank you for connecting us even more with your divine inspirations! Being led by Spirit needs no scientific proof, it just reveals itself as our own inner knowing like magic. And so it is…
    Thank you for sharing with us.

    • Rose Todd says:

      Hello Ames.
      Thank you for your thoughts. Bach sometimes spoke of the ‘messages’ he received. Or that the messages were not very clear to him. So there is no doubt in my mind, that the remedies were directed by divine guidance.
      Bach believed that as God had made ‘everything’ there would be remedies in nature to guide us back to our ‘wource’ in nature. And in case you’re not aware – I really do love the Remedies!
      Thank you for your kind comments. Take care. Rose

  • Julia Fern says:

    Rose, you are really very remarkable. What a lovely blog on a very special day. How clever of you to weave the Bach flower remedies into numerology. Well done and thank you for sharing your insights and wisdom!

    • Rose Todd says:

      Hello Julia. Thank you for your kind words. I had fun with the idea, and with the weaving. However, the techology of putting it on the site was hard going 🙁 But your kind words make it all worthwhile. Thank you once again.
      Take care. Rose

    • Rose Todd says:

      Hello Julia. Thank you for your wind words. I do appreciate them, The dea and the ‘weaveing’ part were fun. there’s a lot of corrilation between the remedies and numberolofy. And it is very interesting. I hope you found some of it helpful. Take care. Rose

  • Fil says:

    Very insightful thoughts Rose – thank you.

    • Rose Todd says:

      Thank you Fil. I’m glad ;you enjoyed it. Take care. Rose

  • Pauleen Rachelle says:

    Hi Rose thankyou for sharing your knowledge. One of the remedies I have chosen recently is cherry plum bec ause we are all experiencing issues outside our control. With covid ect but also past issues. If it strikes a cord with you or others might be worth presenting it. Love and blessings Pauleen xx

    • Rose Todd says:

      Hello Pauline. Thank you for your thoughts about Cherry Plum. Life does seem to be out of our control at the moment and we’vre going wiht the flow of Covid. But theat flow seems to be weakening. And it is posssible that some might feel that they have lost control of their own thoughts too. Cherry Plum would certainly help with that.
      I’m sure I have a blog about Cherry Plum,. I’ll have a look and see if I can find it. Also, Cherry Plum should be in flower now. But with the strong winds we’ve had, I don’t think they’ll be any blossom on the trees. I’ll have to do a drive past to see how the Cherry Plum trees are doing.
      Thank you Pauleen for your thoughts, They’re much appreciated. Rose

  • Nalomeli says:

    Very nice commentary, Rose. It was well thought-out, encompassing, and thought provoking. My residential street is 11th.
    Best, N

    • Rose Todd says:

      Hello Nalomeli. Thank you for your kind words. I’m glad you enjoyed the blog.
      Well, that seems a good street to live in. 🙂
      Take care. Rose

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