Bach Flowers. Lost Interest In Life?

Have you lost interest in life? Do you seem to be tired most of the time, despite a good night’s sleep?  If you answer Yes to either of these questions, then there’s a Bach Flower Remedy that can help you.  Well, actually there’s more than one remedy that can help you  – there are several – and when they’re mixed together their healing power increases synergistically.    

Have you noticed that feelings doesn’t come on their own.  You get lots of different feelings at the same time and you can’t tell one from the other?  I know this happens to me so I know its difficult to identify how you feel, and therefore difficult to find a remedy to help.

Although Bach Flower Remedies deal with negative feelings, it’s not always easy to find the remedy that’s going to bring about a healing.  Yes, you can choose a remedy that will ‘palliate’ and help you feel better, but it won’t bring about a healing.

If you find that you’ve been taking the same remedy for ages and need it just to keep going, then you’re not taking the remedy you really need.

Can’t be bothered

Are you slumped in an armchair most of the time even though you know there is so much that needs to be done, but you’ve lost interest and you can’t be bothered to do anything.  You’re tired yes – but somehow its more than that.  It really is, you just can’t be bothered to get up and do anything, so you sit and watch junk on the TV.

You’ve lost interest and become resigned to a situation in life and you make no attempt to change it.

It’s not that you’ve given up hope (you’d need Gorse for that) it’s have you’ve slipped into apathy.

Apathy is one of the deepest of all our emotions because you can’t summon the energy and enthusiasm to get moving.

But, how did you get there?
If this describes you, you’ve got here from prolonged endeavour and you’ve become exhausted and resigned to the situation.  After all, you’ve been trying to do something for ages and it’s not worked!  Apathy sets in and you can’t even be bothered to get off the sofa!

If this resonates with you then Wild Rose is the remedy that will help to bring about a healing.

Completely drained of energy

I’ve just mentioned that Bach remedies have an affinity with our emotions, and yet this next remedy you might need if you’re overwhelmed and exhausted is not an ‘emotional’ remedy – it is a mental remedy.

The Hornbeam state comes from prolonged mental overload.  For example, if you’ve been living in unhappy circumstances (a relationship or at work) for years and years and each day seems to be a ‘battle of wits’ and is taking all your mental effort to keep you going – Hornbeam will help with your healing.

You’ll probably find that you have a desperate need to lie down – all the time.

You will also find, again that you’ve lost interest in life, you’ve no energy and you feel completely emotionally drained – this is part of the Hornbeam state.

Both Wild Rose and Hornbeam both deal with fatigue – and although Olive (generally taken for fatigue) will do some good work – if the other remedies are needed, it’s not going to bring about the healing.

To return to health, chosing the correct remedy for you is essential.

I’ve recently started offering Bach Flower Consultations again.  With technology as it now is, we can talk to each other from anywhere in the world (isn’t it amazing)!  Click here if you’d like to find out more about a Bach Consultation.

Over to you

I love to hear from you so please leave a comment in  the Comment box below the blog.  Thank you.  I appreciate you taking the time tyo write.

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Rose Todd

  • Ramrao Nayak says:

    Got downloaded easily and it’s worth reading…will surely try larch.. Rock Rose and impessions

    • Rose Todd says:

      Hello Ramrao.
      Thank you for leaving your comment.
      I’m glad you read the blog and enjoy it. Thank you.
      Larch is a brilliant remedy – and Rock Rose too.
      I fact – all 38 remedies are powerful healers!
      Take care. Rose

  • vidya says:

    Would the guide be available as a pdf version pls? I live in India and posting the Guides would be difficult I guess

    • Rose Todd says:

      Hello Vidya. Thank you for writing.
      Good question. No, the Guides are not available in pdf form. They’re physical gudies. (That’s part of their value).
      Posting them to India is not a problem. I post them world wide.
      As soon as you order them, I post them.
      I look forward to receiving your order.
      Take care. Rose

  • Jane says:

    Hi great thank you for this at this time as so needed!!!for my husband

    • Rose Todd says:

      Hello Jane. Glad the Newsletter was helpful. I hope Wild Rose and Hornbeam help your husband. I notice the difference almost immediately. Take care, Love Rose

  • Pauleen says:

    Hi Rose hope your well. Thamkyou for the insight on wild rose and hornbeam. I hadn’t considered these after a long period of grief and struggling , the loss of interest of life and trying unsuccessfully to break through to new beginnings and having the energy or desire to make those changes. Bless you for your insight shared. 🙏 Pauleen xx

    • Rose Todd says:

      Hello Pauleen. Good to hear from you. Yes, thank you. I’m well. Living with grief is exhausting. Trying to summon up interest in life is too much like hard work! When I realised I’d lost my inner and outer motivation for my work, it was then I took Wild Rose and Hornbeam. I felt the difference almost immediately!
      I hope these remedies help you too. Can I suggest you add Star of Bethlehem too the remedy mix? That’ll help a lot.
      Love Rose

      • Pauleen says:

        Hi Rose thankyou for your prompt response. It’s been a long haul with multiple bereavements. As you say exhausting. I am a healer so then absorb the grief of others and have to transform that. This is the penalty for the great gift. Over load of compassion. Bless you in all you do. The sacrifice we make in collective suffering makes the world a better place but can be very painful

        . If you would need remote healing. No charge. ,please let me know. Love and blessings Pauleen 🙌 🙏 ❤

        • Rose Todd says:

          Hi Pauleen. Goodness me. It sounds as if you’ve been through the mill. It sounds as if you could do with some Elm, Olive and some Oak, If you haven’t already taken these remedies, you might light to try them to see if they help.
          Thank you for your very kind offer of healing. I certainly will get back to you if I’m in need.
          Much love Rose.

          • Pauleen Rachelle says:

            hi Rose Thank you for your loving insight. i took the wild rose, hornbeam and olive and was wiped out for two days and couldnt care less about anything. did a karma clearing exercise and cleared all the times i had been overwhelmed by lifes rich tapestry. lots. I am feeling better and more motivated. i have been clearing the past for a foundation for the future i want to build on. i am 74 in August and i am sure a lot of ladies of a certain age who,s partners have passed away will be facing the same issues. how to create a new life from the ashes of the past. much love and blessings. Thankyou. i work remotely so having a photo will complete the process of projection and healing should you need help., pauleen xxx

          • Rose Todd says:

            Hello Pauleen. Thank you for leaving a comment on the blog. There is just one thing.. You mention that you took Wild Rose, Hornbeam and Olive and you were ‘wiped’ out. This indicated to me that you felt the remedies had brought on this situation.
            There are no side-effects with Bach Flower Remedies. Homoeopathy – yes. Bach Flowers no.
            So, that state must have been with you at the time.
            However, you’re now well again, so all is good.
            Thank you for your kind offer – and for your idea for a blog. (Widows and Widowers).

          • Pauleen Rachelle says:

            Hi Rose. I was totally exhausted after a long period of strain ,it just as you say the remedies were needed. I feel they do just act as the catalyst and don’t cause those realities. Wouldn’t want anyone to feel they would do that. Glad it inspired you to think about widows and widowers, I shall be interested in which remedies you choose. YOU keep well. Much love and blessings and onwards pxx

          • Rose Todd says:

            Hi Pauleen. I’m sorry to hear you’ve been worn out for a long period of time and I do hope the remedies help.
            I work on the principle that if the feelings are intense and ‘short lived’, you’ll have an ‘instant’ response to the remedies. However, if they’ve been with you for a long time, they’re going to take some time to complete their healing.. Hope you feel better soon. Love Rose

  • Uzma says:

    Hi Rose,
    I am a regular reader of your posts especially on Facebook. I have been using the Bach remedies that you recommend. Thanks for doing such a great work!!!

    • Rose Todd says:

      Hello Uzma. Thank you for leaving a Comment. And thank you to for your support on Facebook.
      I’m glad the remedies help you. It’s a pleasure to help. Rose.

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