How to help children with Bach Flower Remedies

Life has been trauma chaos for all of us and mother's have been together with their children continuously without the normal activities of others to play with at the park and at play-group.  This makes it very hard on mothers and children.  As we know, we miss the contact of others, and young toddles are no different.

Changing grumpy children into happy children is child’s play with Bach Flower Remedies.  The remedies heal and soothe upsets and troubles as simply as you can count 1, 2, 3.  But sometimes, it’s quite difficult to choose which remedies will best suit you, so here’s something to help. 

I recently met a lovely group of young mothers who were curious about alternative ways to help their children (and themselves) through the trials and tribulations of life.  Through the magic of technology, at the click of a button, I was instantly transported into 7 living rooms in eastern America, talking to 7 mums who wanted to know how Bach Flower Remedies could help their children – and they had a list of questions for me.

The Terrible Twos

Most of the mums had toddlers who seemed to be starting their Terrible Twos early as they were beginning to show their strength of will and their independence.  They were being stubborn and having tantrums. 

Holly Tantrums are like child’s play to deal with Bach Flowers.  Holly fits the tantrum scenario perfectly. Holly is for the anger we feel when we’ve been treated unfairly.  And yes, a toddler can feel that.  They’re naturally curious and want to explore everything.  And when they’re stopped; when they can’t do what they want to do they get really cross and sometimes violent too.    Holly will help heal and soothe the Terrible Twos just as it’ll help and soothe you, when you’re angry about life.

Young children can get jealous easily.  Holly heals jealousy. Even when your pets are jealous of the new baby, Holly will sort that out too.  (2 drops in the dogs drinking water for a few days and you’ll see the difference).

Young Lilly wakes from her afternoon sleep screaming and is very angry.  If her mother tries to pick her up or console here, she gets even angrier and hits her mother.   Holly will soothe little Lilly and save her mother from a lot of heart ache.

Clinging and anxious

Clinging child with separation anxiety

Sarah mentioned that her 2-year-old was clinging and always seemed anxious.

As I mentioned, children are naturally curious so, if they’re reluctant to try something new it could be a lack of confidence mixed up with their anxiety.  

I recommended this youngster be given Mimulus.  Mimulus people are gentle and kind and anxious about life.  It’s the remedy for known fears – like fear of spiders, fear of dogs, fear of flying etc.

I recommended this youngster be given Mimulus.  Mimulus people are gentle and kind and anxious about life.  It’s the remedy for known fears – like fear of spiders, fear of dogs, fear of flying etc.

Larch is the remedy for self-confidence.  A child who is hesitant about attempting new things will benefit from being given Larch.

You can see that Larch and Mimulus go really well together and I recommend Sarah give her young lass both these remedies.  It’s that easy – like child’s play.

Night terror panic

Nancy’s daughter was having night terrors.  She was waking in the night, crying and really frightened. It’s very upsetting for the child and the mother.

I recommend that Nancy give her daughter either Rescue Remedy – or Rock Rose – and Aspen.  (Rescue Remedy contains Rock Rose. Nancy’s more likely to have Rescue than Rock Rose).
Rock Rose is the remedy for ‘urgent fear’ that we call panic!

Aspen is for unknown fears.  We feel afraid without being able to identify what we’re afraid of.

Stress of motherhood

Dealing with the stress of a new born baby

This deserves to be a blog in its own right, but I’ll add a little here about the stresses of motherhood to help young mums.

Mothers want to do their very best for their children and are inclined to chew over the past and are hyper vigilant about every detail – everything must be ‘just right’.  A lot of mothers can have a perfectionist-nature when it comes to how they bring up their children.  They are very frightened about not getting it right.

Now a 3rd remedy joins Larch and Mimulus combination to make a brilliant trio – Pine.  Pine is the remedy for feelings of “I’ve done it wrong” and “I could have/should have done so much better. I didn’t do enough”.  It’s the remedy you need when you beat yourself up.

Young mothers always have too much to do in too little time.  And for years they don’t get a full night’s sleep!
Olive is the remedy for fatigue and will help you through the day.
Vervain is the remedy for being over stressed – trying to achieve too much in too little time.   

Taking the remedies is like Child’s Play.

It’s easy and simple to take the remedies.
There are 3 ways to take the remedies – all are effective, and one way is not any better than the others.  One is much more expensive than the others – but all methods work well.

  1. Put 4 drops of Rescue (or 2 of every other remedy) straight on to the tongue. The remedies are preserved in brandy and the strong taste is a shock to the children.  Please be kind to your children – don’t give the remedies straight from the bottle.
  2. Put the drops into a small glass of water and sip frequently throughout the day.
  3. For long-term treatment, make a Treatment bottle. This is a 30ml bottle with a dropper.  Fill the treatment bottle to the shoulder with mineral or filtered water and add your chosen remedies.  Then take 4 drops from that bottle at least 4 times a day or put 4 drops into a glass of water and sip frequently throughout the day.

It may seem a lot to take in, but when you actually do it, you’ll find how easy it is.  It’s child’s play. And then you’ll be able to watch your child play happily and contentedly.

The Bach Flower Remedies have been my constant companion for over 30 years.  They have stood by me and helped me deal some really hard times in life.  If you would like to have this support, the fact that they’ve “got your back” as it were and can help you with absolutely every situation, then click here to find out how you too can manage your own emotions and the feelings of your family.

Over to you.

If you know someone whose interested in the Bach Flower Remedies, or who could benefit from these remedies, please forward this blog.  Thank you.I love to hear from you, so please leave your comments in the Comment Box below.  Thank you.

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Rose Todd

  • Krishna says:

    Thats an eye opener. I thought the clingy child would need heather and chicory.i would not have thought of larch and mimulus here

    • Rose Todd says:

      HI Krishna. Thank you for your comment. Most children cling to their mother (or father) because they’re anxious and don’t know how to deal with life. I’m not sure that a 2 year old toddler would have had time to develop Heather traits – or Chicory traits either. It could be of course, that the child’s soul remedy is Chicory, but they would have had to learn the art of emotional manipulation very early in life.
      But with Bach Flowers, its difficult to tell with such a small amount of information. 🙂 Thank you Krishna.

  • Nalomeli says:

    Aloha Rose, this is one of the most interesting blogs I’ve read. I’ve been wondering what to do about my grandson who is 3 years-9 months old. His mother left the family when he was one and resurfaced when he was about two and a half. The child spends half his time with his dad and whatever girlfriend he has at the time and his grandparents who take him to see his mother in a care home for a few hours a week. The child is very angry and has violent temper tantrums. Even his play is violent with toys getting thrown and broken. I suspect he is pacified with an electronic screen at his dad’s house. He knows exactly how each different phone/tablet works way better than I do! Please don’t recommend therapy – I have no authority.
    Thanks so much!
    PS. Can you recommend anything for an introvert living in chaos, looking for some alone time? Thanks!

    • Rose Todd says:

      Hello Nalomeli. Good to hear from you. Your poor grandchild – has no idea where he is or what’s what! No wonder he is angry.
      He needs Star of Bethlehem to help with the shock of his mother leaving and to then seeing a ‘sick’ mother occassionally. Star of Bethlehem is in Rescue Remedy. I think, generally, now, Rescue will do him good as it will ‘calm’ him – a little.
      He needs Holly to heal his anger. – Everything you’re written says he’s angry about the situation. Poor lad to be angry from such a young age, Bless him.
      You don’t tell me enough to offer you any clear advice, other than Rescue Remedy would help you a lot too.
      Put 4 drops into a glass of water for you, and sip it frequently. That glass can last you all day. Its is your remedy glass not your thrist glass. Drink other water when you need it.
      For your grandson, put 4 drops into a small glass of water and then take a dessert spoon of water from that glass and add it to his juice or milk – whatever he drinks. As often as you can during the day. He needs it as least 4 times a day. More if you can.
      The reason I jsuggest giving the lad the remedies this way, is because the remedies are preserved in brandy, and brandy has a very strong taste. Its not fair on any child – so diluting twice will help. And yes,the remedies will still work when they’re diluted twice.
      I know these remedies will help you both.
      Keep well and stay safe. Rose

      • Nalomeli says:

        Thank you, Rose! So nice to have an expert close by. 😊

        • Rose Todd says:

          It’s a pleasure to help. I know the remedies will help you both. Be wll soon.

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