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Most Common Bach Flower Remedies

This afternoon I found a website that listed the most common remedies bought in several countries. I was interested to see which are the 4 most popular UK Bach Flower Remedies.

If you use the Bach Flower Remedies, I think there’s every chance than you might need at least one of these 4 remedies.

I think that we mostly buy remedies for ourselves – I know I did when I first started to use the remedies. However, sometimes we buy remedies to help our loved ones.

If you’re not sure which Bach Flower Remedy you need, these Bach Guides can help you choose.

The 4 most commonly bought
UK Bach Flower Remedies

Do you think these 4 most commonly bought remedies tell a story about the UK Bach-Remedy-buyer?


Top of the list is Walnut. Bach put Walnut in the group for Oversensitive to the ideas and influence of others.

Walnut offers protection from outside influences. If you’re uncertain where you’re going or what you really want in life and you talk to someone with definite ideas about life  – because your uncertainty leaves you open to influence – you’ll be affected by their ideas and opinions and not make the decision that’s best for you.

This remedy is affectionately called ‘The Link Breaker’.

If you’re in a situation that you want to leave, but somehow can’t seem to do so, then Walnut will help. Imagine you’re in a rowing boat, rowing to the other side of the lake, you suddenly find that you can’t go any further, because the rope of your boat is still attached to the jetty.  That’s the Walnut feeling.

Walnut will cut the rope and set you free.

White Chestnut

White chestnut is the Merry-Go-Round remedy. Bach put this remedy in the group of remedies for Insufficient interest in life.

This remedy is for when patterns of thought keep repeating themselves. Your mind gets no rest as you’re continually going over all conversations, rerunning arguments, worries and doubts.

Your mind is full of the problems, but you can’t find any resolution. Your mind can’t stay still long enough to make the shift from focusing on the problem to finding the solution.

This continuous Merry-Go-Round of unresolved thoughts leaves you exhausted, depressed, gives you guilty feelings, and leaves you saying the same thing to others over and over.

White Chestnut stops the Merry-Go-Round and helps you become focused on what’s important in your life.


Olive is also for those in the group for Insufficient interest in life.

In the Olive state, the lack of interest in life comes from fatigue from prolonged illness. They are drained of all physical, mental and emotional energy – they have no more strength.

The key word here is prolonged. Any prolonged stress can drain all our energy, whether it’s being ill ourselves; nursing at the sickbed of a loved one, fighting a war, going through a divorce or moving house. Olive will help with all situations where prolonged stress has stretched and drained your reserves.


Mimulus is in the group of remedies for Fear.

Mimulus is one of the main anxiety remedies and is taken for ‘known fears’ – worldy fears. They’re shy people who  have a nervous disposition. They’re ‘afraid of life’.

If you know what you’re afraid of, whether it’s bees, an escalator, flying or going up a ladder, Mimulus will help allay your anxieties.

Those in need of Mimulus, unlike some remedies, don’t talk about their anxieties. They keep all their fears to themselves. Children often push their anxieties down into their stomach.

Tummy ache is a well known symptom of anxiety. Other Mimulus symptoms are blushing and stuttering. They have a marked sensitive to large crowds, noise and will avoid confrontation at all costs.

Do these remedies tell a story?

What story do these remedies tell us about the English Bach Flower Remedy-buying-public?
We feel stuck, feel influenced by others and can’t move forward. We’re trapped in our own thought patterns and can’t get off the merry-go-round. We’re exhausted and anxious about most things in life.

Does that sum up how you feel sometimes?   Bach Flower Remedies can help you manage your health and happiness and you can then help your family too.  Click here to find out more about studying these remedies.  They’re an amazingly powerful healing system that can change your life.  They’ve certainly changed my life and always help me through stormy waters.

Over to you.

I love to hear from you, so please leave yout thoughts and comments in the Comment Box below the blog.

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Rose Todd

  • Surya Yadav says:

    Pain in neck & trapeze muscles

    • Rose Todd says:

      Hello Surya. Thank you for leaving a comment. Bur I’m afraid I don’t understand it.
      The Bach Flower Remedies heal negative emotions, not physical symptoms.
      So are you saying that these 4 remedies cure a pain in the neck and – do what for the trapeze muscles.
      If you can explain, I;d certainly like to know. Warm wishes Rose

  • harmander singh bir says:

    very nice explanation in few words.PLEASE suggest any book for psychosomatic disorders. [email plz]]

    • Rose Todd says:

      Hello Harmander. Thank you for leaving a comment on the blog and thank you too for your kind words. Bach Flower Remedies deal with emotional health. The remedies heal negative emotions. Bach said Treat the person (the moods and feelings) not the physical symptoms of a disease.
      So – I hope there is no book on psychosomatic disorders, because that would be entirely the wrong use of the Bach Remedies.
      No matter what symptoms you have, always go to your feelings. Treat how your illness/physical symptoms makes you feel and you’ll be treating the cause of your complaints and you’ll be surprised how soon you’ll become well..
      I have a book on Bach Flowers – Simply Bach Flowers. You might like to consider that? If you study the remedies,you’ll find the ones that can help you. Take care. Rose (just in case you’re interested).

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