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This blog is not about you. But you could be living with someone, or know someone who  believes “It’s all Bach Flower Remedy Guidesabout ME! ” These remedies are for them.

Last week’s blog was about the most commonly remedies bought in England, so now I do need to write about the least popular remedies bought.

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We generally buy the remedies we need ourselves and we buy remedies for similar states we can see in our family and friends. If you’re reading this, you won’t see these states in yourself – because, the attitude of people who need these remedies is … “it’’s all about me”.

This attitude of the 3 remedies discussed in today’s blog.    All three of these remedies are extremely self-centred and as far as life is concerned,”It’s All About Me”.

Controlling Demanding Vine

Ann rang me and said she had to go home for 6 weeks, and could she call around for some remedies for her 80-year-old mother.

Ann’s mother was very determined and she ruled her husband, her 8 children and her dog with a rod of iron.  She demanded absolute obedience from all of them. She believed that she got on well with people, – and she did, so long as they saw things her way.

Someone in need of Vine is chronically trapped by the need to control and dominate others – they like to be in control.  They demand a lot of attention and are very particular about their own wants and comfort.  They are certain of their own ability and are confident of success.

You can see, for Vine’s point of view, there is nothing wrong with them, it’s the others that must change and do things the Vine way.

The Perfectionist Rock Water

Rock Water is for those who are very strict on themselves and their way of living.  They are extremely hard task-masters and deny themselves the joys and pleasure of life.  They want to be well, strong and active and everything is done to that end.

They hope that’ll lead by example, and that others will follow and be better as a result.

Ray-William (his mother still called him Ray-William although he was 53) was a bachelor.  He didn’t smoke, or drink and he was fanatical about his diet and his exercise routine.  He would not eat anything that he might have enjoyed because he didn’t want to break his regime.   He drove himself unmercifully both when he exercised and at work too.

Ray-William (Rock Water) would not recognise that he was willingly wearing a hair-shirt.  It would be the others’ who were undisciplined about their lives and needed a role model to follow.

Can you see why we don’t see these traits in ourselves?  Once again – its not us, it’s the others!

Self-Centred Heather

Bach called Chicory the ‘needy mother’ and Heather the ‘needy child’.

When I was first learning about the remedies, I gave Heather the ‘buzzword’ of Buttonhole. (The gypsies sell little springs of heather to put in a buttonhole).  Those in need of Heather, ’buttonhole you’.  They’ll keep you with them for as long as they can.

You know that type I mean, the woman who will ‘buttonhole’ you at the doctor’s surgery, or at the bus stop and tell you her life story.  She is incredibly self-centred and selfish.  She is very anxious when she’s alone, even for a short time and she’ll talk all the time about her worries and woes; her aches and pains – all of which are far worse than anyone else’s.

I’m sure you can now see why Vine, Rock Water and Heather are not often sold.  No one sees these remedy states in themselves.  But if you know about them, then maybe you’ll recognise them in someone else and perhaps the remedies could help them.

Over to you

So tell me, do you recognise any of these traits in yourself?  I shouldn’t think so. 
Those in need of Vine, Rock Water and Heather are unlikely to reading this blog.  But can you recognise any of the symptoms in your loved ones?
If so, please leave your comments below in the Comment Box.

It’s well worth learning about all the remedies, because even if you don’t think you’ll need these remedies, you could be living with someone who does!  Find out more about my on-line course here.

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Rose Todd

  • pooja says:

    thanks for sharing interesting post.
    Chakra Healing. Pooja.

    • Rose Todd says:

      Pleasure Pooj. Glad you enjoyed it. Rose.

  • Anil Bindal says:

    Thanks Rose. With the combo of 4. When would first positive sign be visible in attitude. I guess. Never. A dog tail never goes straight as they say. Any experience if the lady changed ? How much time for chicory Holly vine Heather rockwater willow person. Even beech too. Taking gorse willow rescue as you advised.

    • Rose Todd says:

      Hello Anil. Thank you for your question. It;s a good question and that is often asked – “how quickly will I get better”. I think the best way to explain it would – it depends if you’re in an acute state, or in a state that has come on over time.
      Holly is often an acute state – you’re angry now – full on anger that sometimes cries out for revenge! The results will be felt quickly – certainly it will begin to clear within the the hour. However, if the state of mind is say of Willow, the change will also been seen quite quickly – within 24 hours. But it will could take weeks for the healing to take place.
      Life triggers our emotions, and so if our tendency is to be (say angry or resentful – which is suppressed anger) then we’re going to go into those states frequently. So taking the remedies frequently is necessary.
      I hope this is helpful. And I’m sorry for the late reply – this comment slipped ‘through the net’! Take care. Rose

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