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Can’t be bothered with life.

Surfacing from sleep, I lay in bed and waited for the Grandfather clock to chime.  It chimes every 15 minutes. I’ve lived with the Grandfather clock for over 30 years so I’ve grown used to its chimes and have learnt to tell the time from the sounds of the chimes.  With my eyes still closed, I waited!  And then it chimed, letting me know that it was time to get up and start my world spinning!

But I wasn’t ready to wake up. Well, if the truth be known, I wasn’t ready to face another day either.  With a deep sigh, I pulled the duvet closer around me and rolled over and hoping the world would go away – at least for a while.  I really couldn’t be bothered with another day!

I was weary. I  had no energy at all and although there was the routine things to be done in at home, (which I couldn’t be bothered to do), there was work to be done!

Another boring day loomed ahead.  I was glad it was Saturday,  I have a little Saturday morning job at a local ballet school. Little girls in their ballet leotards and pretty skirts are definitely entertaining and fun, but then it was back to work in the afternoon.   The work, was the stuff that needed to be done in every office, not the inspiring work of talking to and working with folk who are interested in the Bach Flower Remedies.  That’s the fun part of my work.

But the boring stuff needed to be done!  And I had to do it!

The problem with choosing the Bach Remedies for ourselves is that we don’t really recognise how we feel.  We know we don’t like how we feel, but its difficult to identify our feelings and then choose a remedy.

I wonder if you’ve heard me say that a fish doesn’t know it swims in water.  Water to a fish is its natural habitat.  Well, our feelings are our ‘natural habitat’ so, when a state of mind comes on slowly, over quite a long time,  we just get used to it, a little at a time and we don’t recognise it.  We know we’re feeling lethargic and weary, but just don’t do anything about it!

The sofa seemed to have a magnetic attraction    

I really had no interested in doing anything, even getting something to eat was too much effort.  Food these days came out of an easy to open packet – like chocolate biscuits!

Hour after hour I sat in front of some mindless TV show and the days slipped into nights and the whole process started again in the morning.  Then suddenly a week had passed in this fog and  when I realised it, I did something about it!

So, still sitting on the sofa, I considered at my state of being.  I was bored by the mundane things of work – I still hadn’t done the accounts, no matter how many promises I’d made to myself, I couldn’t settle to do the accounts! I’d lost my sense of aliveness and had no enthusiasm to do anything of the tedious stuff that needed doing!

As soon as I’d recognised that I was in a Hornbeam state, and had been for over a week, I got up and put 2 drops of Hornbeam in my water.

Can’t be bothered!

Within an hour, quietly and subtly, I was doing some of the mundane things.  I’d taken out the rubbish and I’d got out the accounts.

There’s an important point here, I didn’t notice feeling better, but without realising it, I began doing some of the boring stuff!  It was then I realised that I was feeling a little better.

When you are in some of the Bach Flower Remedy states, you can recognise them.  You know when you’re irritable or sad. You know when you’re anxious, but you probably don’t recognise some of emotional states because it’s become our ‘norm’.

Just as the boredom from repetition builds up over time, the Hornbeam state comes on slowly, over time.

Although I took Hornbeam on its own (I sometimes like to take just one remedy at once), the Hornbeam state probably wont come on its own.  it might come with Olive, Gentian or perhaps White Chestnut.  So look at those remedies too, to see if you need them as well as Hornbeam.

Over to you

Have you noticed that negative feelings seem to spread like wild fire.  You may start worrying about one thing, but almost without your realising, you begin worrying about other problems too, until your worry and anxiety fill your mind and you can’t think of anything else!

One of the greatest gifts you can give yourself and your family is being able to heal and manage your negative feelings.  Learning about the 38 of Bach’s Remedies is not just a tool you’ll use for today or a week or a year.  Learning about the remedies will give you understanding and the ability to recognise the emotional states in yourself and your family.  A course will give you a tool to manage your emotions for life!

Click here if you’d like to know more about Hornbeam and the other Bach Flower Remedies.  There is a Bach essence for every emotion we have.


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Rose Todd

  • James Thomas says:

    Hi Rose,
    I enjoyed your article about Wild Rose – Can’t Be Bothered! It reminds me of an unconscious zombie robot doing what it’s told without thinking and staying in the rut – bored beyond belief and then becoming apathetic to that zombie state! Wild Rose BFR will shake the person up and then what does the person do to move forward? If one is already conscious of the zombie state but hasn’t moved out of the boring rut, will Wild Rose BFR help? Or is there another remedy to help the conscious zombie move out of the rut and get clarity of what their purpose is and what to do about it to make it a reality?

    • Rose Todd says:

      Hello James. Thank you for writing. I hadn’t thought of the Wild Rose state as living as a Zombie. However, for some it might be so.
      It’s rather like Sleeping Beauty who pricked her finger on the spinning wheel and fell ‘asleep’ for 100 years. Its as if you’re ‘sleepwalking’ and not aware of it.
      Sleeping Beauty is dripping with Wild Rose mythoology for the even the Prince had to hack his way through the briar hedge (the hedge of the rambling wild Rose, with its treacherous thorns to ‘rescue’ the princess!
      If you’re in that type of state, then Wild Rose will certainly help.
      The way I learned about the Remedies was to take one at a time. As I know the remedies work quickly, I would put 2 drops in a small glass of water and sip frequently (as in every 5 or 10 minutes. Frequency is much more important that quantity). And I would see what happened.
      If I hadn’t felt any change at all in perhaps 24 hours, I’d know that this is not the ‘right remedy’ or it might be you need others to help too.
      The best ‘judge’ I use when taking a remedy, is that if I forget to take it – I no longer need it (because my focus is no longer on what’s wrong).
      Thank you for your question James. Its a good one.
      Best wishes.

  • Judith MacKay says:

    I just found your email and that’s exactly how I have been feeling all day and probably for quite a while. Have looked up what I have and used them. Thank you so much lots of love Judith cx

    • Rose Todd says:

      Hello Judith. Thank you for your comment. And glad that you had some of the remedies that could help you – and they did!
      Sometimes our feelings are so strong that they’re “right in our face” so we can recognise them easily. And other times, we change so slowly, over time, and so we get used to feeling ‘not-so-good’ and it becomes normal for us.
      It’s times like this, that something outside of us can trigger us to recognise our feelings. I’m very please the email and blog help you.
      I hope you’re feeling a lot better today. love Rose

  • Larry says:

    I would thought that adding elm would help since it was the whirlwind of responsibilities that depleted your chi

    • Rose Todd says:

      Hello Larry. Good to hear from you and thank you for leaving your comment.
      Yes. I can see the logic of your suggestion. I’d been in and out of Elm a few times during the process of writing the book and preparing for the big event. But strangely enough, I wasn’t in an Elm state either before I went into Hornbeam or while I was in Hornbeam.
      I’d been frantically busy and over stretched. It was the Vervain state that pushed me into Hornbeam.
      However, of late, I’ve been taking only 1 remedy: the remedy for the most prominent feeling. I like to feel the action of one remedy. Thank you once again for writing. It’s good to hear from you.
      Enjoy using your remedies. warm wishes Rose

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