Bach Blog. 2 Stories of Duty and Responsibility

2 stories of duty and responsibility

At sometime in our lives we all have to do our duty and accept some responsibility for something and often we’re OK with that.  But sometimes we’re not happy about it, and duty turns into a heavy responsibility.  The two stories in today’s blog talk of duty and obligation (and we all know what that feels like!)

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This weeks essences are not easily recognised. Hopefully the stories will help you.

Elizabeth’s story

Elizabeth was a big woman and she stood tall. There was something regal and distinguished about her. There’s no way you would ever call her Lizzy, Beth or Peggy!  She was Elizabeth.

For all her pose and stature, Elizabeth was gentle, quiet and refined but was still capable of asserting herself.  She did not tolerate interference from others. She had had her fair share of hardships and heartache, which she’d resolved so she could move on.  She was happy when she was alone as she had great inner peace and serenity.

Elizabeth was now over 60 and had been headmistress of a large and very successful girl’s boarding school for over 30 years.  She ran the school efficiently and made a point of leaving her staff to do their jobs, not interfering unless it was absolutely necessary.

Although Elizabeth seem unapproachable, her calm and confident presence drew her staff to her to ask advice on their problems.

Of late, however, for some reason, she was out sorts.  It was unlike her, but she’d become exasperated with one of the staff.  The responsibility of the school weighed heavy on her shoulders.  She began to withdraw more and more from the staff, breaking with her normal habit of going into the Tea Room at breaktime.  To Elizabeth, this was an important time for her to ‘touch’ the world of her staff so her absence was noticed, with relief.

The staff noticed that she’d become very aloof and appeared proud and was now unapproachable.  She was no longer easy to talk to. She went about her work, even more quietly than before.

Water Violet

Water Violet is one of the Twelve Healers which Bach called Soul or Type remedies.

The remedy that Elizabeth needed was Water Violet.  It was her soul or type remedy.
The soul purpose of this remedy is ‘perfect service to mankind’*. Bach described the contrast of Water Violet as ‘joy and grief’.  Water Violet have known real losses and yet still go quietly about their work’.

The difficulties Water Violet faces is pride and aloofness.   But simple human duty obliges them to return to work with their fellow men. This commitment to turn and become involved in the world brings them the intense joy of complete freedom’*.

*Form and Function. J. Barnard. Pg 124.

Olivia’s story

Olivia had an executive job in a high-powered corporation.  She’d worked her way up the ladder by working long and hard, longer than the others in the company.

She had a team of staff under her and she always prided herself at how well her team worked together and the results they achieved.

Her deep sense of duty and responsibility to her team lead her to letting her staff know that her door was always open for them.  Olivia had a stable character and practical common sense and the staff were constantly coming to ask her advice, not only on work matters, but often on deeply personal issues too.

Olivia was stuffing from extreme stress.

Even though she was exhausted – almost to breaking point – Olivia still stayed long after everyone had gone home and was always first in in the morning.  She considered this her duty and her responsibility.   She was finding the responsibility was becoming too much for her and she was beginning to struggle with depression.

Olivia needed Oak.   Those in need of Oak, strive!   They must carry on.  It is their duty and responsibility to do so.

The 7 Helpers

Oak is one of the 7 Helpers that Bach discovered when he found that his Twelve Healers weren’t working as they should.    The 7 Helpers are for chronic (long term) conditions like fatigue, duty and hopelessness and come as a result us of needing to modify and adapt our personalities to survive.

Consider a Water Violet child, quiet, self-sufficient and wise beyond its years, and seemingly independent of their family.  Within them is a latent feeling of duty to mankind.

Consider the child growing up in a large family without much money.  Mother not only had to look after the children and run the house but go out to work too.  The Water Violet child would not have been allowed her peace and quiet but would have needed to take over a lot of the duties of the household – which as we know are never done.  Because of her sense of duty, the child would work, until the work was done.

As a young child Olivia needing to take on a lot of responsibility of the family.  As a result, Olivia’s basic personality was modified, and duty and responsibility came to the fore.  This is the essence of Oak.

The Bach Flower Remedy system is a very poweful healing method. It’s not something you only use once or maybe twice. It’s a system that’ll help you steer a confident and courageous path to a happy and fullfilling life.  I have an online course that will give you a good solid foundation  on the Bach Flowers.  Click here if you’d like to know more about this brilliant way of healing negative feelings.

Over to you.
As always, I love to hear from you, so please leave your thoughts and comments in the comment box below.


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Rose Todd

  • Ullie A says:

    Hi Rose, this differentiation was super helpful to me. I wasn’t aware that Water Violet included that strong sense of duty which I have carried with me all my life. I must say though, I have never considered it as “duty” but as “responsibility”. I was that child you described and I turned into a Water Violet adult with lots of other layers on top of it of course depending on circumstances. Water Violet withdrawal is how I cope and how I recharge my batteries. Oak can be a helper for me at times when I feel the sheer burden and exhaustion but tend to keep going.
    Again, thank you, I learned a lot from this. 🙂

    • Rose Todd says:

      Hello Ullie. It’s a pleasure. I’m glad that you found the blog helpful.
      A friend and I had a discussion yesterday about our understanding of duty, obligation and responsibility. I think they means different things to different people, its diffcult to cover all options in so few words.
      I hope you’ve now got a clearer picture of Water Violet and see how, in its contracted state, you could move into Oak. Both remedies (in fact all the bremedies) are brilliant.
      Thank you for writting Ullie.
      Take care.

  • Jen Tiller says:

    So many healers have some issue around this. Thank you Rose

    • Rose Todd says:

      Hello Jen. Thank you for your kind comments. I can appreciate that healers have isses around duty and responsibility. And although we all have our own ways of dealing with things, I hope that healers use Bach Flower Remedies themselves. Thank you once again Jen. Rose

  • Mary says:

    Rose, you hit the nail on the head! Thanks for taking on this challenge. … this article….so helpful!

    • Rose Todd says:

      Hello Mary. I’m glad. It was a pleasure to accept the ‘challange’. I had fun. I love connecting the dots.
      Thank you. I’ve very glad you found it helpful and I’m sure you’ll be more aware of both of the remedies now.
      Enjoy the remedies.
      Take care. Rose

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