Always tired with no motivation?

Feeling the strain?

Have you been under a great strain recently?  You know the sort of strain I mean. The sort that creeps up on you, andstrain bit by bit and it gets harder and harder to get up every morning.  The sort of strain that has you on the brink of tears – constantly.  The sort of strain that saps your energy and feel that you don’t have the strength, let alone the motivation.  And don’t mention the E-word (enthusiasm)!   You can’t even get out of bed, let alone be enthusiastic about the work of the day.

This state is often referred to as ‘burnout’.

Have you been feeling like that lately? 

Taking the easy way out

The easiest way to help is to get out of the situation.  Resign from work or leave your relationship. But is this really going to help.

It might stop the strain, but you’ve still got to repair the damage; you’ve still got to recover your energy and and enthusiasm.

And what if you love your work or your relationship was really good – that is, before you became weary –so weary that you didn’t have the strength to do even the small things of daily life – like taking out the rubbish!

The hum-drum of life; the weight of the slog of the mundane is too heavy and you don’t have the strength to cope with it.

Life has become a burden and you’ve forgotten what it’s like to have fun. 

But life need not be a burden.

You can recover your strength and vitality with the help of the Bach Flower Remedy Hornbeam.


Hornbeam is another ‘unusual’ Bach Flower Remedy.  I particularly want to show you that there is more to this simple and extremely powerful healing system that just Rescue Remedy and the 10 most commonly bought remedies.  Hornbeam

This amazing remedy, literary ‘saved my life’.  It got me off the sofa; gave me back the vitality that had been slowly sucked out of me over the years and reconnected me to my enthusiasm for life. A joy I had so missed.

I cannot sing its praises highly enough.

The remedy is for tiredness; weariness; mental and physical exhaustion and all those ailments of stress and strain I mentioned at the beginning.  If you’re in need of this remedy you’ll feel emotionally drained – as if there is nothing left in you to give.

Hornbeam will give you the ‘back bone’ to get up and get going again.  (An enormous help if you’re suffering from ME or have similar fatigue symptoms).

Even though you might feel emotionally drained, the fatigue really lies in the mind and you doubt whether you have the strength or ability to face the day.  You certainly feel you can’t do all the things you used to do daily – you literary, don’t have the strength.

As I’ve mentioned, this remedy is a ‘mental’ remedy.  Now isn’t that strange when the Bach Flower Remedies deal with emotions!

Like Yin and Yang, thoughts and feelings go together, and you know how your thoughts conjure up feelings.  The Hornbeam state is a severe mental state that severely affects your emotions.

Positive results

Hornbeam will, figuratively and literary, get you off the sofa so you can enthusiastically,
get down into life and become deeply involved in your work of the world
(which is after all what we came to do!)

Hornbeam will give you back your lively mind, the spontaneous decision to leave the routine of the day and do something fun because you know you can do all that needs to be done easily and very efficiently.  

You know that every day is different and you love life!

If you’d like to know more about the Bach Flower Remedies and Hornbeam, click here.




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Rose Todd

  • Jennie says:

    Sounds right up my street! Does it help if this is something that you have experienced in the past (emotional / mental overload) and as such are almost fearful of it happening again so you avoid anything which may bring on a perceived stress?

    • Rose Todd says:

      Hi Jennie. Thank you for your comment. It is such a good remedy for our present life-style I think half the world could do with it on a drip!!
      Bach Flower Remedies only deal with emotions and we can only feel our emotions, in this moment Now If you’re thinking about/remembering something from the past, you’re still feeling it now. You can’t feel something in the future – you can only think/imagine in this moment Now, so you feel it Now.

      So, if you still have the same feelings from past experience Now – then yes, the remedy will work.
      If you’re afraid it will happen again – then you need the remedy for ‘known anxieties’- Mimulus.
      Here’s the link to the Mimulus blog, in case you’d like to read it.

      If you’d like any more help, please get in touch.
      Warm wishes Rose

  • Judy King says:

    Hi Rose,

    This blog felt like it was written for me! I’m off to buy some hornbeam tomorrow!


    Judy x

    • Rose Todd says:

      Hello Judy. The blog was indeed ‘written for you’. It’s a brilliant remedy and I know it’ll help you through your work load and family commitments. Take care. Rose

  • Deborah says:

    Hi Rose, I opened your email and scrolled down thinking please let it be Hornbeam because I’ve got a brand new bottle. Thank Bachs it is Hornbeam! So happy to have this essence in my life right now. I feel so weary and this is a lifeline – I’m really going to use it this week and see where it takes me. Thanks, Debz x

    • Rose Todd says:

      Dear Debz. I glad you found the blog helpful and delighted you have a brand new bottle of Hornbeam ready to go! The Hornbeam state is insidious, it slowly creeps up without you really noticing, so the healing affect is subtle too. You will notice the difference in a week, but it might take longer than a week to full restore your vitality and enthusiasm with it a while. If you have any problems, I’m here to help.

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