Bach Blog Anxiety Levels Skyrocketed Lately?

Are your anxiety levels high?

Would you like something to soothe your anxiety and worries?   I know you get anxious and it seems as if  you’re juggling so many things and there doesn’t seem a way out.  And I also know, that  you’d rather not talk your anxieties.  Life is much more complicated than it used to be and we have to keep so many ball is in the air.  No wonder you’re worried.  I Bach Flower Remedy Guidesknow there’s money worries and the family just for a start.


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Well, there’s two Bach Flower Remedies I’d like to tell you about today: one to help with all the worries you and have about life and one to help you with your anxieties about your family.

Anxiety levels high

Do you sometimes feel that you can’t cope? You just don’t know how to start dealing with your worries?

If you know what you’re anxious about – not everyone does – and you keep your worries to yourself, then you need the Bach Flower Remedy called Mimuulus. 

Those who need Mimulus and quite and shy people and are anxious about most things in life.  It might be that you’re not really happy about dogs, you’re afraid of spiders, or the dark or thunder storms. You’re afraid of being ill, perhaps of getting cancer or some other fatal disease.  And here’s a strange one for you – you don’t like having company but you’re afraid of being alone!

You’re hypersensitive and afraid of being cold or can’t cope with loud noises.  You hate arguements and fights and will do anything to avoid them.


If you can relate to any one of these things, then Mimulus is for you and will soothe your anxieties.

But, remember, the important part of selecting Mimulus is that you don’t talk about your worries, not even to your close friends.

Mimulus will deal with the anxieties and worries I’ve mentioned above, but I also know that you’re worried about your family: perhaps your elderly parents or your children – even the ones that are now adults!

Worrying about loved ones

You look at the photo on your sideboard of Mum and Dad on their last holiday.  They had such a wonderful time, but how long are they going to be able to look after themselves properly.  Every time you think of them, your anxiety mounts.
Mum (or Dad) seems to get older each time you visit – and you’re not sure the other can keep up with the care.  But they wont consider getting someone in to help!

Or perhaps your son (or daughter) is off to university or going traveling this year and you’re worried sick about how they’re going to manage and whether they’ll fall in with the ‘wrong crowd’.

You find yourself imaging dreadful scenarios about what could happen.  If you don’t hear from them each day you fear the worst and you find yourself sending far too many text messages – which you know they hate!  But you’re so  worried about them.

Red Chestnut

Red Chestnut is the remedy for worrying and being anxious about our loved ones and stops all those unwanted thoughts from pushing their way into your mind most of the day.


How to take the remedy or essences

Put 2 drops of Mimulus and 2 drops of Red Chestnut into a glass of water and sip it throughout the day. This will begin to soothe your anxiety immediately.  One glass can see you through the day, so make a new glass each day.

Over the next few days you’ll begin to feel better.  And over the next 2 weeks or so, one day you’ll suddenly notice your anxiety is much less. You feel that Mum and Dad are getting on well.  And if you’re been worrying about your children coping with the big wild world, you’ll be content to let them find their own way in life.

(Don’t we just love Bach Flower Remedies?)

Mimulus goes well with Larch which is the remedy for self-confidence. Here’s the link to the Larch blog if you’d like to read that too.

Click here if you’ed like to know more about the Bach Flower Remedies and how you can help yourself and your loved ones to heal and soothe their emotions.

Over to you

As always, I love to hear from you, so please leave your comments in the Comment Box below.  Thank you.


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    Rose Todd

  • Debz says:

    Hi Rose, it all boils down to worry! What a destructive pastime that is. I just clicked through and read the larch blog again too. It really strikes a chord with me. But as you say in that blog the essences’ effect is so subtle it’s hard to notice… unlike a meditation or something that can be more instant as a mood-changer. Is there a method like making a diary note in the evening that could help me to take stock of the essences’ effect or maybe look back over a period of taking them? Thanks, Debz x

    • Rose Todd says:

      Hello Debz. Thank you for your comment and your very good question. Firstly, you comment on Fear and worry.
      Yes, worry is a highly destructive pastime! If you consider Fear and Love at each end of a continuum, the the more you worry, the further away you are from Love. So, the object of all healing is to close the gap and move closer to Love.
      And that’s what the remedies do.
      Thank you for going back to the Larch blog. There is a lot there that’ll resonate with all of us I think.
      The remedies/essences are so subtle as the adjust your vibration a little at a time. This way, you’re stabilising the vibrations slowly and they become steadier, so you don’t loose the new feelings as soon as something untoward happens.
      As you begin to feel better, you just get on with life; do what you’re doing with focus – instead of worrying about ‘I can’t do this’.
      If you wanted to evaluate how you’ve changed over the day, write it in your diary, but don’t focus on it too much – write something as simple as “I was much more confident today” – Or “confidence slipped a little today when I had to do that new job, must go back to take the remedies more frequently”.
      Hope this is helpful.
      Thank you for writing. I do love receiving your comments.

  • Pat Wells says:

    Thank you Rose, just what I need before going away with the family – flights there and back, sunamis, leaving the dog behind, terrorists, my son in law’s recent diagnosis, pretty well the lot !
    Pat x

    • Rose Todd says:

      Hello Pat. Thank you for leaving a comment.
      Glad that the blog was timely and the remedies will help you with your anxieties>
      Have a good holiday. I’m sure all will be well while you’re in distant lands.
      Travel safe and have fun. Rose.

      • Jane frances says:

        Just read your blog on Mimulus and red chestnut just at the time when I was feeling exactly like that anxious out of nowhere . Thank you

        • Rose Todd says:

          Hello Jane. Thank you for leaving a comment. Glad it arrived in time for you to help your sudden anxiety. It’s strange how anxieties come, sometimes out of the blue. Hope you have both remedies handy so you can start taking them at once.
          Hope you feel better soon.
          Warm wishes. Rose

  • Mary says:

    What a great explanation here, Rose. You have a gift of that…..thank you!

    • Rose Todd says:

      Hello Mary. Thank you for your kind words. I think being able to bring the remedies to life come living these situations! 🙂
      I hope you enjoy using the remedies. They are incredible powerful healers.
      Warm wishes. Rose

  • Julie Head says:

    Hello Julie. Glad the blog arrived in your Inbox at the ‘right time’.
    I think all young adults should go travelling before they even start to think about what they’re going to do with their life! He’ll have a wonderful time – and be fine!
    Glad you had Red Chestnut close by. It’ll help melt those worries.
    He’ll be fine.
    Warm wishes Rose.

  • >