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Law of Attraction. What to do when the going gets tough.

By now you know how the law of attraction works.  You know about dreaming your dream; about have a really clear vision and always keeping your eye on the future.  All that is well and good – but what happens when the going gets tough and you seem to walking through mud: and although you’ve […]

This Law of Attraction Stuff Really Works

This Law of Attraction stuff really works!  This amazingly powerful law works on the principle of like attracts like. This means you attract into your life whatever you give your energy, your focus and your attention to – whether you want it or not. To get what you want, you must become more deliberate about what […]

It’s Hard Finding A Job

It’s hard to get a job… This is part of an email I received from someone (let’s call her Claire) during the week and I felt that perhaps you might be in a similar situation so decided to offer a helping hand.  Even if your circumstances aren’t exactly the same, if life is not as […]

Law of Attraction. Creating Money, Wealth and Abundance

  Anyone who says they don’t have money issues is either lying or delusional!  Even those who have a lot of money still have money issues. Money is the foundation of our lives.  It is so entrenched in our society that we don’t really understand its influence at a deep level. Few people want money […]

Law of Attraction. Always be the best you can be.

  “Remind yourself that you can’t fail at being you!”    Dr Wayne Dyer I found two inspirational quotes from Wayne Dyer that can help you if you’ve become lazy or overwhelmed about keeping your self-talk positive, doing your affirmations and visualisations.   I opened with the first quote because I don’t think we do this often enough. […]

The Law of Attraction and Giving To Charity

I assume as you’re here, you’ve heard of the most amazingly powerful, universal law called the ‘Law of Attraction’.  (It was called Cause and Effect when I was at school).   Well, today I’d like to talk to about giving to charity and the Law of Attraction. What does the one have to do with the […]

Self Doubt Limiting Your Life? – 4 Tips to Self Confidence

Is your life plagued by self doubt? Would you like to overcome your doubts and replace them with confidence? Over the years I’ve often thought about what makes the difference between achieving success and not reaching your goals and I’ve come to the conclusion that the dividing line is self belief. Those that succeed believe […]

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