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Bach Flower Blog. Overcoming Perfectionism

Close your eyes and put up your hand if you’re hooked into perfectionism!  Don’t worry, no one can see you (they have their eyes closed too – and they have their hand up too!!)  So you’re not alone! Perhaps you’re not sure if you’re a perfectionist or not.  Well, first read this to help you […]

Bach Flower Blog. Stress Free Living

In this moment now, you’re either enjoying or not enjoying your life. If you’re not enjoying it, what’s stopping you from doing so? Do you seem to get stressed over every little thing?  Perhaps turning mole hills into mountains? Under stress? We talk a lot about stress these days. Everyone seems stressed out by something. […]

Bach Blog. Broken Hearted. Disappointed. Despair

If you want to live a happy and healthy life you have to engage with life. This means you have to get out there and take centre stage. But what stops us from taking centre stage?  Our vulnerability.  Our fear of getting hurt – again. Despair. Discouraged. Disappointment and no faith. Harsh words indeed and […]

Bach Flower Blog. Help For The School Holidays.

Would you like something to take the stress out of the school holidays? The long summer holiday is eagerly awaited,with excited anticipation, by the children – and possibly with the feelings of dread and trepidation by the mums who are constantly thinking – “what on earth am I going to do with them for 6 […]

Bach Flower Blog. I can’t make a decision.

“I can’t make up my mind.  I can’t make a decision”.   Indecision is so difficult to live with!  If you’re familiar with these feeling, then you’ll know it brings its own brand of anxiety because your mind seems to be on a seesaw.  I’m not talking about small everyday decisions you make without giving […]

Bach Flower Blog Feeling Frustrated And Irritable? 

A while back I read a Facebook post that said “I’m so frustrated.  Everyone’s driving me nuts”.  I can show you a quick way to quell these feelings of frustration when things aren’t happening fast enough for you. To do so, means telling you a story – one of my own stories (which I don’t […]

Can Bach Flower Remedies heal deep-seated anger?

The other day I was asked if Bach Flower Remedies could heal deep-seated anger, and I thought perhaps you maybe able relate to this, so I thought I’d write about it today. “My question is – can Bach remedies produce a lasting change? A recent incident has made me understand that I am angry – not […]

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