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Bach Flower Blog Feeling Frustrated And Irritable? 

A while back I read a Facebook post that said “I’m so frustrated.  Everyone’s driving me nuts”.  I can show you a quick way to quell these feelings of frustration when things aren’t happening fast enough for you. To do so, means telling you a story – one of my own stories (which I don’t […]

Can Bach Flower Remedies heal deep-seated anger?

The other day I was asked if Bach Flower Remedies could heal deep-seated anger, and I thought perhaps you maybe able relate to this, so I thought I’d write about it today. “My question is – can Bach remedies produce a lasting change? A recent incident has made me understand that I am angry – not […]

Bach Flower Blog. Honeysuckle. The Time Flower

Honeysuckle. The ‘Time’ Flower  Living in the past is a bit like constantly looking in the rear view mirror when driving.  Life is only happening now and Honeysuckle can help you live in the now (and we all know how important that is). Honeysuckle is one of the less popular remedies purely, I’m sure, because it’s […]

Lack of motivation and enthusiasm

Motivation. Or rather – are you suffering from the lack of motivation? Do you start off a new project highly motivated then drop to having zero motivation?  Even if your motivation seeps away slowly or drops you like a brick falling from the sky – I know you’ve been there! You may not realise what […]

How to stop worrying about your family

Ruth always seem to be worrying about her family.  In fact her anxiety had taken over  her life.  She ‘over-worried’ about them constantly.   Do you find yourself worrying about your family  – all the time?  Does your anxiety take over you life?   Worrying about your family Ruth’s son Ian, was just six and […]

Bach Flower Remedy For Hope And Purpose

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve watch a BBC documentary programme called Mind over Marathon. The BBC gathered together a group of 10 people who felt hopeless and were suffering for despair, depression and anxiety, who were so desperate that they were willing to undertake the very public BBC Challenge – to run the […]

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